Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sewing Basics for Boys

I constantly change my mind about whether or not sewing basics is worthwhile, but the bottom line is that I don't really shop, and when I do, I now look at the clothes that I buy and think to myself that I could do at least as good a job.
So a little while ago Tadhg needed new swimming trunks. I made him some about 18 months ago, but swimming lessons every week in a public, highly chlorinated pool had taken their toll on them, so I decided to make him some more.

Olive Green Seamus Swim Shorts

I buy the "Matt 4 Way Stretch Fabric" from In Fashion Fabrics I got Olive green this time. I used the Seamus Trunks Pattern from Ottobre 3/09. He asked for a little extra length with this pair.
He does have board shorts but chooses these tighter fitting trunks to wear to lessons, he says they don't go all puffy!
The best news of all is that after a year and a half of lessons that he has learned to swim......a little anyway, but it's progress!

I also decided to join in with Peter from Male Pattern Boldness in his latest sew-along....Peter does the best sew-alongs. I sewed some jeans and a shirt in the past with him. This time he was making boxer shorts and I wanted to give them a proper try, in a woven fabric, for Colm. I used an old pyjama pattern from the 1950s which once belonged to my dear Aunt Maggie.

MPB Boxer Sew-along

Peter mentioned that the rise in vintage patterns can be too high, and it was. I ended up taking off the waistband and lowering it by an inch and a half. I also added a button and button hole to the fly. I made a mess of cutting the plaid, I should have taken more time and put more thought into it!

12 comments: said...

Hi Millie, that boxer shorts fabric is lovely - did you get it here in Ireland? I always look for madras type plaids but rarely find any, even when I go abroad.

sarah said...

I wonder the same thing about wardrobe basics- if it is worthwhile to sew them or not. Like you I don't like to shop and it's getting to the point where I just prefer my kids to wear clothes I made them.

Millie said...

Thanks Ana, but my mother bought it about 10 years the UK I think. With the intentions of making pyjamas or something! Nice check is very hard to find....sorry I can't help.

I agree Sarah.... I decided today, that with a stash as big as mine (it's not so big, really!) that I need to make as many things as we need, be they basic or fancy, it shouldn't matter.

Cindy said...

Yes! I'd rather spend a few hours with the sewing machine than going from store to store to find basics that aren't as nice as what I could make.

The boxers and new swimsuit look great!

Nicole said...

I absolutely love the boxers, already admired them on flickr :-)

Millie said...

Thanks Cindy....absolutely right!

Thanks Nicole. I'll be making more!

motherof5 said...

I am so tempted to make knickers and scanties,then I will not have to go shopping at all!
And since my lovely friend from over the sea sent me a pattern,I really have no excuse!

Love the tog's
x N

Anonymous said...

I just followed the Elsie Marley flickr set to your flickr Ottobre album,and looked at all 81 photos and enjoyed them all! Your kids are adorable (I have a 2.5 year old who reminds me a bit of your twins) and I loved all your fabric and pattern choices. Thanks for a fun several minutes of eye candy!

transoks said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

And today I came back to look at the rest of your sewing sets on Flickr. Lovely things, all!

Millie said...

(Motherof5) really ought to try some! They have magic powers you know! (I mean the children's ones btw!)

Thank you Zina...I had a look at your blog, and a laugh while I was there! I will be back one day soon, for sure! Your children are all just lovely!

Oksana... :)

Joy said...

Those are great swim trunks (I've actually used that pattern for my girls). I'm the same way about basics...I do tend to enjoy cutting out fabric and stitching it over trudging in the store to buy a boring basic. Having finished a garment is very satisfying even if it's something you've made dozens of times before!


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