Friday, January 22, 2010

A Helping Hand

To say Maeve is has an interest in making things would be an understatement! She spends nearly every spare minute making something or colouring in.

She is forever asking me if she can make her teddies or dolls some clothes and she's even resorted to making them some out of paper in the past.

So I thought the time had come for her to help me make something for herself. I thought the 'Garden Flower' skirt pattern in the new Ottobre would be a good choice, as it seemed to be aimed at beginners..... how wrong was I! It was full of curved facings and hems and over instructing. She sewed the straight seams on the machine, but straight seams were few and far between!

She chose the fabric herself, it's from Ikea (not my choice) and because the skirt in the magazine seemed to be fairly heavyweight I thought it would be fine, and indeed, weight wise it is fine, but it does stand out a lot at the sides when it's on, I wonder would it be better with a tulle under-skirt?

Aren't I a bad mother to make her model it in the frost!

Maybe I'm wrong about Ottobre aiming this at beginners, but thats how I read it. I feel that if you are able to make this skirt, then surely you would know how to place the pattern pieces on the fabric. As for a simple skirt, I love #10 in 4/2004. I've made it twice now and you only trace two pattern pieces and cut six of one and two of the other.

Next, Tadhg wants to help me make something........


Cindy said...

That's good to know as I was thinking the pattern would be good for my oldest daughter to tackle on her own.

pcheainfo said...

The skirt came out very nicely, even if it was difficult for your daughter to sew. I think the step-by-step instructions are aimed for beginning sew-ers who have a bit of experience, but not for new, never-have-sewn-anything-yet sew-ers. Kwim? Regardless, the striped skirt looks great.

Millie said...

Thanks ladies for the kind comments.
I have only been sewing clothes for a year, only curtains before that! So I'm not terribly experienced, but I am willing to trust myself and Ottobre. I love Ottobre for the fact that they let you decide how best to cut your fabric! I suppose the instructions are the perfect way to make this skirt, but I'm not a perfect kind of sewer!

Astrid said...

In spite of your trouble with this, I still think it's a great skirt. However, I did wonder about it, when I saw they had an invisible zipper in what is supposed to be a beginner's skirt. It look beautiful - haven't seen that fabric in our IKEA by the way... ;)

Millie said...

Thanks Astrid. The name of the fabric is Elisabet. It looks different when it's made into a skirt! She wore the skirt all day yesterday, i like it better now.

Nicole said...

The skirt looks really nice and I think your daughter did really well. Tell her, will you? I also like her choice of fabric, it's good to see kids chose colourful materials.

Millie said...

Thanks Nicole, I'll tell her.
I pretty much let them wear what they want and I suppose the continues on into designing what they want to make.


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