Monday, January 25, 2010

A "Fruitful" Weekend

Saturday was spent doing the recycling and clearing out a shed...boring but necesssary..... Saturday evening I downloaded the stich'n'colour pictures from Ottobre's blog.
Sunday came and the kids couldn't wait to start working on to their pictures. Maeve did really well at it, but Tadhg struggled a bit, he understands the idea, but in reality he gets distracted and ends up needing help more often than not. I think they enjoyed it, Maeve certainly did, well worth all the pin-holes I made!

While we were doing this, the girls napped and Colm installed some cupboards in our Boot-cum-Laundry room. It was originally just a porch but it is now where all our coats and boots are stored and where my washer and dryer are too. It's always a mess and we have planned these cupbards for years but are only getting around to it now. It is still not finished but it's getting there.
We got our lunch in town, just burgers, but 'nice to get it handed to you', as they say around here.
Sunday evening I took several bags of frozen fruit out of the freezer and started making jam (jelly, if you're American).... as you do on a sunday evening! I made 5lbs of Raspberry and prepared blackcurrants for jelly (seedless jam)
I forgot to mention that all the fruit I used, is from the wonderful fruit bushes in my garden. Last years crop of course.

I rounded off the evening by cutting Colm's hair.. I now have a new husband!
I hope you all had a nice weekend too.


anniescupboards said...

oh yumm! Who do us Americans call it Jelly? Jam sounds so much yummier.

Millie said...

It all gets very confusing when you start talking about this subject! I must admit it is lovely jam. A bit too nice!


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