Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pumpulipilvi Tunics

Recently I got some new fabric, from Hawthorne Threads and Dots 'n' Stripes Both parcels contained beautiful fabrics but couldn't quite figure where to start with any of it!
I have never purchased so many fabrics at once, and as a result I was a bit overwhelmed by them.
(There are more btw, I'm hoping to make a quilt with the others one day! Ha!)

Finally I found inspiration from the new edition of Ottobre. I made the two babies 'Pumpulipilvi' Tunics from some Anna-Maria Horner Little Folks Voile. It scared me slightly when I handled the fabric before I cut or sewed it, It seemed so delicate, but I have to say, it was lovely to work with. So soft and drapey (is that a word?) It is in the top picture on the top right. The Dots'n'Stripes fabrics are all fine corduroy. I use a lot of these, for all sorts of projects. I have had the teal and the green before. My favouite is the top centre one.

Here are the finished products...............

They were really fun to make, my first attempt at shirring, I think I'm hooked!
Due to a very wet and dreary day, I struggled to get a bright spot inside to photograph them, I thought about taking them outside, but the wind would have swept them away!
One of the Girls is walking a while now (the other is working on it), and I finally got her some shoes. I couldn't resist showing them off... (and my filthy carpet)

How cute are they!? I can't wait until her sister walks and I can choose some equally sweet ones for her!


Nicole said...

I love the tunics, they look great! I've never tried shirring, maybe I should give it a go as it looks really nice.

Millie said...

Thanks Nicole, shirring is so much fun! There are loads of tutorials online. I'm sorry I didn't try it before this. Everyone online seemed to be doing it last summer.

Astrid said...

They are totally cute - I think I'll be making some for summer as well. Ronja have some that are store-bought, and they have been great over long sleeved t-shirts also. :)

Millie said...

Astrid- Thanks. The girls have been wearing these over long sleeved tops and combat-style trousers. (Less flouncy that way!) They are tunic lenghth but should fit as tops in summer... Highly recommended


Hi Millie,

these tunics are so very cute, I have to find and look for the pattern. And the fabric is lovely, too!

Have a great week,


Millie said...

Thanks Nina,
I think they are successful... Hopefully they'll survive the washing and wearing my kids clothes get.
Have a great week too.


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