Monday, March 7, 2011

Negroni Shirt and a Birthday

Sunday was C's birthday and I made him the Negroni Shirt as part of Peter's sew-along. It was such a fun sew-along to take part in, as I have mentioned before Peter is a tonic!

I made the short-sleeved version, I felt a bit of a cheat, but C has enough long-sleeved shirts (plus it was easier!....see, I am a cheat!)

It was a really interesting garment to make. All the seams are flat-felled, a new thing for me. The yoke is doubled, and the method of putting that together makes no sense when you first look at it, but when you have the shirt to stage, it makes total sense.

I used Pamela Erny's tutorial to make the facing without any bulk. Another new skill learned....and it is a really nice finish.

The fabric is apparently ex Paul Smith, it is a tiny gingham check, it looks almost beige from a distance (which I don't like) but I think overall it is really nice fabric. It is very heavy for a shirting, and takes loads of steam to get creases out.

The only thing that I am not happy with is the bottom button, it is too low....I spent so much time working out the distance down from the top button, that I never considered how high/low the bottom button should be. I tend to panic when I get to the button and button-hole stage.

When I was trying to take his photo, he stood against the wall and was stock still....I told him to he started messing, as usual. So just as I'd try and take a photo, he'd jump about! This is what most of the photos looked like....

I also made a chocolate cake, his choice.

We also had roast leg of lamb with all the trimmings for dinner, his mother and sister joined us.

I wondered quite often during the preparations for his birthday, how much we would have done for his birthday, had it not been for four over-excited kids.
The kids really expected him to be as excited as they were, and while he had a really great day, it is hard to get excited about birthdays after about 21!


Shasta said...

The shirt looks great! I'm the same way as you regarding buttonholes and buttons. Oh I dread them! I left a shirt sitting for nearly a year because I didn't want to do them. And just this weekend I made the Explorer Vest from "little things to sew" and completely botched the last buttonhole. So there's a reason for the fear!

Peter Lappin said...

Great job on the shirt -- AND that chocolate cake!

Heather said...

VERY nice shirt! I haven't even pulled my pattern out.

That's funny that you say that about your kids as mine are the same! Then, they get so overly excited that they usually get in trouble...oh well!

Heather said...

Oh, and a happy belated birthday to your hubby! :-) That cake looks lovely!

lissa said...

your shirt looks really lovely - as does the cake. and roast lamb dinner... lucky lucky fella!!!

Jo @ a life in lists said...

The shirt (and cake!) look fabulous. I've just ordered to pattern to make my fiance's shirt for our wedding, so I'm going to be having a good look through that sew-along!

motherof5 said...

Happy Birthday Millies Husband!
Shirt looks good,cake looks even better and a lamb roast Yum!
Did you do yorkshire pudding too?

Cindy said...

You did a great job on your husband's shirt!

Millie said...

Thanks Shasta...I wish I had more confidence in myself, when it comes to button-holes! I can just picture Dagim in the explorer vest! I'm sure he'll love it!

Thank you Peter...and thank you for being such a supportive sew-along host.

Thanks Heather...You will love this pattern!
The kids were over-excited for about two days! It is funny and frustrating in equal measure!

Thanks lissa...he certainly deserved the shirt, and the kids insist on making a cake for everyone's birthday! Otherwise I might try and get away with buying something from the shop!

Thanks Jo...You will love this pattern. If you have time, I would try and do a muslin. It goes together really quickly second time around.
It is definitely casual, but very neat and slim fitting, which makes up for it's casual-ness (is that a word?) It would be so cool for a wedding shirt.

Thank you yorkshire puds I'm afraid. I love them but never think to make them. I wonder if they are a very English thing? I don't know if Irish people make them much.

Thanks Cindy.... He's very happy with it.

motherof5 said...

I guess they are English based (my father is a pom)
I like to make them it to fill up the children so I get some cold meat left for shepherd's pie!

Andrea said...

I've always been amazed by the work that goes into a man's shirt...I analyze them while I iron them, lol....all those french seams and no raw edges on the yoke....

You've done a marvelous job!

Thirza said...

Your man looks like great fun! The shirt looks really well. Perhaps I should add "clothes for husband" on my list as well... Perhaps I should quit my fulltime job at the same time!!

Love the chocolate cake, wish it was Saturday already!

Millie said...

What a good idea Nicole! I only managed to get a couple of sandwiches from the left-overs.

Thanks Andrea....I have never analysed a man's shirt before...many of the parts were a complete surprise to me!!

Thank you Thirza...he is!! Most people think he is terribly serious when they meet him first, and when he cracks a joke, it's funny to watch their reaction! It was lovely to be able to make him something for a change.

Angela said...

He looks very happy with his shirt! I love the fabric, and wouldn't have noticed the low button only you pointed it out. I've been reading about the flat felled seams and can't wait to try them.
My 4 love to celebrate our birthdays too, so it's homemade cakes all round. They'd think it was the end of the world if I went and bought a cake!

Millie said...

Thanks Angela... I was a bit worried about the flat-felled seams, but they were better than expected.
My 4 would tolerate a bakery cake for my Birthday, but for everyone elses it has to be homemade!

mc said...

So handsome! Funny...we just celebrated my hubby's birthday too...was a very busy day already and the 3 year old insisted homemade cupcakes even though we had just come home from a weekend birthday family get-away! I guess our required excitement is starting.

Millie said...

Thanks mc! It sounds like you will have lots of exciting birthdays and home baked cakes in the future! Sounds like you'll have no choice! Like me!


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