Monday, March 14, 2011

No Sewing, only Painting

I have been forcing myself to steer clear of the sewing machine...I have been too busy painting my kitchen. The cupboard doors, the wooden ceiling, and the tiles have been painted so far...the two little ones say..."You not paint me Mummy!"......I will try not to.
I try to do a bit every day. In the mornings while the little ones are busy playing and the bigger ones are at school........ I will get it done in time.
I am slightly obsessed with Listette patterns at the moment....I would love to buy a couple...maybe he Portfolio pattern....? After seeing Nicole's version of the Portfolio dress, I am seriously tempted.
I can plan loads in my head as I paint all around me!


Jo @ a life in lists said...

I love those Lisette patterns! I've ordered a couple, but the silly site I ordered from was out of stock and didn't tell mew until days later, so i'm trying to find somewhere else to get them from.

Good luck with the painting!

Cindy said...

Ah, but your kitchen will look so nice when it's done! I'm on hold with sewing too while I take care of some other business.

Millie said...

Oh no Jo! I hope you've found more....It looks like I'll have to order from SewLisette....I haven't found them anywhere else.
The painting is slow!

Thanks're right about the kitchen. Sometimes you just have to put the sewing aside for a little difficult as it is!

Lattemama said...

I ordered my patterns from SewLisette over a week ago and I'm getting impatient. I hope they arrive today.

Thanks for following me! Are you on the O+S-forum?

motherof5 said...

Aww,thanks Millie!
How do I contact you?

Millie said...

Lattemama...when I order things, I'd love if they'd arrive the following day...but it never happens!
It almost always takes a week from England or America, strangely delivery from Europe is much faster...Germany and Denmark usually only take a couple of days.
Yes, I leave the occasional comment on the forum, I'm Millie on there and Bred2make on Flickr.

Nicole...all deserved!
My email is millieandcolm (at) hotmail (dot) com
(Written like that to try and avoid junk-mail! Getting lots of it these days!)


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