Friday, February 11, 2011

Sewing a bit for me...and him

I made myself a Colette Crepe dress a while ago, with some very sheer cotton/silk mix fabric. I made a muslin for the top, but as this dress is a wrap dress, I feel that it was pretty impossible to properly assess the fit. I did alter the waist dart, making it more curved, fitting under the bust better....however, now that I have the whole thing made I feel that the shoulders are too loose. I have pretty big square shoulders, so I am surprised by this.
I feel that you could pull the back of the muslin to fit, but with the real dress, you are limited by breathing, how much you can tighten the ties! I made the back a bit narrower while I was making only helps a little.
I also decided to line this fully....I ran into problems finishing the outside edges of the wrap skirt...the lining was heavier than the main fabric, and it push outwards, showing and puckering. I am a terror for not following instructions totally, and then I have to work out the solutions myself...this makes me bored is not of course the fault of the pattern....however I have heard people complain about the properly made ones, with facings...apparently the facings show through.

Colette Crepe Dress

I ended up doing all the hems by hand, because the fabric was so fine..the outside edge of the skirt is also hand sewn.
I have decided that sheer fabrics and I are not hands are too clumsy...I constantly feel like I will do damage.
Anyway, it is not my favourite Colette pattern..... mind you, I love, love the others I have made, so I had high standards for this one to meet....but strangely, Colm says it is his favourite!!!

Speaking of Colm...I have been busy making a muslin for his Colette (what else?!) Negroni shirt..I am joining in with Peter's sew-along...I am finding the pace great...although I have decided to leave the shirt project as a side project, not my main project. I find I am very impatient with sew-alongs. Peter's wit is worth reading though...he brightens my day! He is getting through several steps of the pattern each day, a much better pace for me than some sew-alongs.
The fabric for the muslin is some awful old won't even iron properly, but I have some lovely ex Paul Smith (supposedly) shirting for the real thing.

Negroni Muslin

I learned something new about my husband...his shoulders are not even/level. I kept trying to straighten him and the shirt, but couldn't. I mentioned it when I posted the photos on Flickr, and Peter informed me that lots of men are like that...stands to reason, I suppose...most parts of our bodies are not symmetrical. My feet are different sizes...and a few other bits too.....
Oh yeah and that reminds me....I made this a while ago....

It is my usual Pin-up Girls Linda pattern. All supplies from Elingeria.


Nicole said...

Oh, more lovely things from you...:-)I think the dress looks lovely despite the hick-ups. Just like a bought dress. I've never attempted to sew for Alan, but seeing your muslin, I might give it a try. Sometime maybe. Lovely bra, too. You can't tell the difference between a bought one and yours. Well done you!

Angela said...

Millie, I love the look of this dress on you, and the colours of the fabric, it's also my favourite! It's no wonder you don't like it as much as the others after all that hand sewing, and on slippery fabric. The shoulders are loose all right, and when I make it again I think I'll cut a size smaller for the top.
I had to smile at the bit about trying to straighten your husbands shoulders - somehow it's consoling to know they have fitting issues too.

Shasta said...

Millie, your Crepe dress is lovely! I think it's the kind of dress that people can't see the fit issues as easily as we can feel them. I wonder if we would have picked up on more of the fit issues if we added ties to the muslin?

I'm loving Peter's sew-along posts too! My Negroni pattern isn't her yet but I bought fabric this week. He really brightens my day too and the pace is great.

I'm so impressed you made that bra! Wow! Is it quite tedious work?

Joy said...

The dress is really lovely. I think that's my favorite of their patterns. I can see what you mean about the shoulders - but that's only from a sewist's point of view. It's a flattering dress and you should try it again in a different fabric.

The shirt looks like it's going great! Isn't it funny how there are a million dress patterns, but a men's shirt is a men's shirt?

Kitschy Coo said...

Great job x three! I agree with others in that the dress looks great so it was probably the experience of making it that dampened your enthusiasm :)

I wish my husband would wear something I made (he never would) because the Negroni looks like a great pattern. I have one shoulder much lower than the other too :)

Does that bra not have any cup seams? Does that work for you?

Millie said...

Thanks Nicole...I appreciate you comments about the dress....I think it looks ok, but making it, tired me of it.
The Colette Negroni goes together really nicely, and I am looking forward to making the real thing. I am sure Alan would look very smart in one.
The bra is a good one, (they aren't all) I just needed a white one...nice and simple.

Oh, thank you Angela...and thanks for your help with it. I thought the same as you, that I would cut a smaller bodice next time. I didn't mind the hand sewing so much, it's just all the tweeking and adjusting that wears me out.
I was amazed that after so many years I had never noticed C's shoulders.

Thanks Shasta...I think you have hit the nail on the head there...It is more the feel of how it fits than the look. I think ties on the muslin, without a skirt would have pushed it upwards on me (I have no waist).
Peter is such fun isn't he! And a very good teacher too. He comments on all fitting issues on the muslin photos...very helpful.
I have made several bras now, I enjoy making them, but it takes a bit to get a good fit..I really enjoy making them. You can buy kits from the shop I buy from. They are really not difficult to make at all. They are one of those things we think would be complicated. Just a bit fiddley. And you don't know until the final stitch if it fit's properly or not!!

Thanks so much Joy...I think the Crepe dress would suit you very well. I might try it in linen another time. I just need time to recover from this one!
I agree about the men's shirt patterns. I am hoping that the finished shirt will be a bit different to any RTW shirt he owns.

Thank you summed it up enthusiasm has been dampened! Also as Shasta said feels different to how it looks.
That's a pity your husband wouldn't wear something you made...mine is not very fussy!!! Now that you mention it, I remember you had issues with your shoulders being unlevel.
The bra does have seams accross the cups..They tend to bit a bit ripple-y (not a typo!). I have a new book on the subject and since I finished this bra, I have adjusted the pattern to hopefully fix this. My boobs are bottom heavy (from feeding 4 kids?) and I tend to fill the bottom part of the cup more than the top. I hope my adjustments will help take some some of the space out of the centre. There is so much to learn on the subject...the book is a revelation! Really.

Heather said...

I already mentioned it on Flickr but I really love your version of the Crepe dress! So pretty! I just bought the Negroni pattern and plan to make it up some! It really lookslike a nice shirt! Very pretty bra also!

Mise said...

The dress is beautiful - a lovely swing to the fabric and it looks great on you.

Andrea said...

I'm so impressed! The dress is beautiful, and you did a fantastic job lining up the stripes on the shirt. I always live in fear of striped fabric for that reason.

For what it's worth, I am also lopsided. We discovered it when I was being fitted for my wedding dress. One of my shoulders sits higher than the other! I also have very broad shoulders! People think I'm a size small up top, but really, with my broad shoulders and the "girls" I'm definitely a medium;)

Millie said...

Thanks so much Heather...I really like how the Negroni goes together, and how it fits...I was worried that the camp collar might look a bit like a blouse! But apart from sewing it in incorrectly...I really like the collar, and the overall fit.

Thanks so much Mise! That is very nice of you to say!

Thank you Andrea....I tried hard to make the shirt pattern line up, I thought it would hurt my eyes to look at it otherwise!...even with a muslin!
I am surprised at how many people have uneven shoulders, but like I said, probably because I had never thought about it before. The first thing I do when I try anything on, is to reach out in front of me...most things pull too tight across my shoulders. As for the "girls".....You should have seen me when I was feeding twins!

Thirza said...

I really like the dress, even with the loose shoulders. Will you unpick and adjust, or is this it?

You made a bra, by yourself, really?! Can you do that??? I want, I want!!! Do they do up to F-cup.....?

You really supply such brilliant links!!!

Millie said...

Thanks Thirza...that's it, I'm afraid. I would probably make another dress before I'd undo the seams! I think it is the whole fit that is big, so I'd say a smaller bodice would be better.
Yes I did make the bra. They really are not difficult to make, but I was lucky with my pattern, it fit with very few alterations. There are two other places you might be interested in...
Seeing as you like links!!

The kits to make one bra and two pants are about 20euro, so it works out good value.

NiamhG said...

I know nothing about sewing or patterns but I love the dress. It's fabulous.

Medrie said...

Your sewing is always so perfect! The crepe dress is just beautiful. If I had had to do all those hems by hand, the dress would still be sitting in my UFO pile, so good for you for persisting through all the mods and hiccups and hand-work. It's lovely.

Millie said...

Thanks Niamh!

Thank you Medrie. I wish it was perfect! If you looked a bit closer it is quite hacked!
I try really hard to only work on one thing at a time and to finish it...whatever it takes....I am absolutely terrible for not finishing projects. Our house has so many unfinished projects...I try not to let it happen in my sewing! I don't mind hand sewing, but the fabric was so light, it was painful!

motherof5 said...

You made a bra! Oh my goodness! I bow to you!(and that dress is gorgeous!
Good on you ,I need to get to me!(sewing that is)
You inspire me Millie

Millie said...

I did indeed make a bra...lingerie making is very warned! You should get around to making yourself deserve it!
Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate it!


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