Saturday, September 4, 2010

Upcycled Underwear

I promised my kids a long time ago I'd make them new underwear ...hoping to be in time for school. School started last week.....
I have made these Ottobre knickers and boxers a
couple of times now and my kids will choose these over bought ones any time. These new ones will bring their collection up to 8 each. They take a while to make, especially the boxers.
So this time I tried a few short-cuts....

I didn't use binding for the leg cuffs or to enclose the seams on the boxers. I hemmed the leg openings with a zigzag. I sewed the seams inside out, as per the instructions, but I just topstitched them down.

I made the girls ones with boxer-style elastic on the waist too. I thought it would be nice for a change. I got all the elastic from a while ago. It seems to be really good. I look forward to hearing how the kids like it. There is another girls pair, identical to the stripey pink ones, but they got stolen away from the sewing machine as soon as it had sewed the last stitch! Thats how much they love their old ones!

All the fabric I used to make these was from old T-shirts. Lots of people give us hand-me-downs from their kids, and while I'm usually thrilled with the them, quite often we get T-shirts for Maeve that I don't like much...ones that have pictures of girls or sparkles and always with stupid"Girls with Attitude". Or ones that were brought home from a family holiday...not our family's holiday, theirs! So I have used these in the past to make underwear and it makes me feel better to put them to good use than to recycle them to who-knows-where!

By the way speaking of underwear patterns...I see Amanda is giving away a unisex underwear pattern over at Kitschy-coo...they are really great....go have a look for yourself.


Angela said...

Millie, these look great, and must be if the wearers love them so much! I'm promising myself that I will make all their vests from a lovely organic cotton jersey this year - so hopefully...
Poor little B. I hope she's doing ok.

Naptime Seamstress said...

These really do look comfy! Are they the Otto Winter 2006 (I think? - the issue with the unders, capes, aprons)?

I have been wanting to try making my girls some underwear. I've even saved some of my hubby's cast off t-shirts. But, I was afraid to use just any old t-shirt. Can I use ANY t-shirt? Does it have to be a certain fiber content? If you use a regular a t-shirt, what do you use for the crotch part that is normally lined - another cotton or part of your original t-shirt?

Sorry for all the questions - but I really want to try underwear. I'm just chicken!!!

Millie said...

Thanks SewMentalMama..B is doing fine, thanks.
I think the patterns in Ottobre 4/2004 is great. The pants seem to cover really well...whatever the reason...they love them. I'm sure the same would go for vests.

Naptime is 4/2004, but yes, the one with capes, aprons etc.
I used various t-shirts, but I'm sure they are all very high cotton content if not 100%. I believe you should always use 100% cotton for the crotch...I used white jersey from another t-shirt for the girls ones. If I'm making for myself I try to match the colour of the main fabric.
Don't hesitate to make these, really they're not difficult, just fiddley. On the previous ones I made, I used ribbing for the leg openings and the waist, not elastic like the pattern. I think this is nice for younger girls, more comfy.
Go for it...I'm sure they'll love them!

Kitschy Coo said...

These are great, I love them! Every time I visit your blog I marvel at all the great Ottobre things you make and then feel really guilty I hardly make any from the dozen issues I have :) I'm going to need to order some of that elastic as well!

Oh, and thanks for the shout out.

Millie said...

Thanks very much Amanda. I love how Ottobre things fit. I originally started using Big4 patterns and it nearly stopped me from ever sewing again! A friend loaned me an Ottobre in Dutch and the results were better! And I don't even speak Dutch! I reckon the elastic is a winner. I'm hoping it stays on well...I think you really need a coverstitch machine to put it on properly.
I must go comment on your blog now or I'll miss your giveaway!

Heather said...

These undies look awesome! I like to upcycle old clothing too. It's just a satisfying feeling, you know? My kids, and myself, love the handmade undies! I always grab those out of my drawer first and so does Conner. I haven't made my daughter any in quite some time, and I really should. Poor baby probably feels left out!

Millie said...

Thanks Heather. I agree, homemade undies are the best...and the ones you make are really great! I still remember admiring the celebratory green ones with the little dogs, you made Conner! Long before we ever had any contact! Make your poor baby girl some undies! While she still lets you!

Iveth Morales said...

Oh, those undies look comfy and i love the colours!
Millie, i just sent you a message via facebook regarding you winning a giveaway ;)
Please check it out :D! have a nice day!

stashavalanche said...

Hi Millie,
On the subject of jersey fabrics, do you use ball pointed needles and if so where do you get yours from? I'm looking for singles and also double ball points for top stitching.
Any recommendations?

Millie said...

Hi Ana, I do and I don't...sometimes I forget to change needles! I have never been able to bring myself to buy a double needle...too expensive...I tend to hem everything in a zig-zag instead of a double row. Double rows pucker with me.
As for a source...I have a catalogue for Heart Educational Supplies (Ireland)...they have a big range of needles and free delivery. However I have never dealt with them but they do sell reputable brands. I buy mine in a local haberdashery...only singles though. HTH.

stashavalanche said...

Thanks Millie. I'll have a look at Hear Educational and let you know how I get on.


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