Thursday, September 2, 2010

Plentiful Plums and a visit to A&E....again!

Yesterday I gathered these...they are the last of our plums on our tree. This was taken before the girls mushed some of them!! Argh!
The wild damsons are ready in the hedge down the lane...I might gather them this evening.

Today I ended up in A and E in our local hospital. B fell and banged her head on a stone as she climbed out the door of the car. Nothing major but it still needed attention.

Thankfully a good friend of ours was the Triage Nurse on duty. We were seen very quickly and by a very nice Doctor who glued her poor head!

All she want's now is a bath...which she can't have!

Believe it or not today's hospital visit is the first time my twins have been separated for any length of time. R was bit upset at us leaving, but she quickly cheered up. I never intentionally did this, but it just seems to have happened that way.
The Triage Nurse has twins who had never been apart for 24 hrs by the time they were 21 (at least)! I always said I would never let that happen, but I would imagine it easily could.
Raising twins is a complex issue!


Joy said...

Ouch! Glad it wasn't more serious. I can't believe we've managed to escape any stitches, broken bones, etc. in 10 years of parenting.

Millie said...

So am I Joy! We haven't done too badly (touch wood)...Tadhg had a finger-top partially taken off and stitched back together when he was 18 months. Maeve was in A&E earlier this year with threatened Apendecitis (sp)...but this is our first 'head incident' in 8 years, and so broken bones (touching wood again).
My sister-in-law is a specialist nurse in casting children's fractures!

Unknown said...

Poor little thing! As a non-mother, I had my first kid emergency room visits with two youth group kids whilst on a mission trip. Needless to say, I won't be forgetting that experience anytime soon!

Just stumbled on your blog and I must say that I very much admire your sewing projects. I particularly like the little boy jacket - very nice! You're right, boys are always hard to sew for. And good job on that button front skirt....I would have a complete meltdown and pull out every last hair on my head before successfully finishing all of those button holes. Very impressive!

Heather said...

Oh no! Poor li'l girl! Darn it. I'm glad it wasn't any worse than it was.

Your plums look wonderful. I'm waiting ever-so-impatiently for my apples to rippen!

Ravenhill said...

deary me. That looks owie as my daughter would say. I am so sorry. I hope it will heal fast and nicely.

The plums look marelously delicious.

What sweet thoughts about keeping the twins together. I think that is wonderful. I am sure that they love to be in eachother's company.
emily xo

Millie said...

Valerie...I am glad she is my heart would be in my mouth with anyone elses child!
Thanks for the nice comments about my sewing. The jacket still hasn't reached it's recipient. The skirt needs a few adjustments and hopefully I'll get to wear it in a few weeks to a family outing.

Thanks Heather. It really couldn't be left untreated. It was quite deep. But she wasn't too bothered soon after it happened.
The plums may be destined for jam...i haven't decided. My apples are almost ready too. That'll be the end of the fruit here for another year.

Thank you didn't seem as owie for her as it looked to me! I am hoping the same about the healing...I still can't wash it.
Sadly the plums each have a (sawfly?) grub in them! you can never eat them whole!
The girls love each other very much and are very good's charming to watch them grow.


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