Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Baby Boy Jacket and Back to School

I find baby boys difficult to make the right thing for...girls are easy, a dress always seems to be the right thing. For boys, trousers don't seem to be enough, but a whole outfit seems like a lot..Maybe for a family baby, yes, but for a not-very-close friend's baby..what do you make?
I have made a quilt in the past and that was my other option. I also could have made a ball, but that was all hand stitched and you have to be in the mood for that!

My friend Lisa had a baby boy the other week. He is called Robbie and after a stressful start he is now home and doing well.

So This time I tried a is reversible, fleece one side is fleece and the other is jersey.

The fleece side looks a bit plain, but i think it will be ok. I might put buttons on that side...they'll only be fake, as I sewed in snaps as closures.
Overall I'm pretty happy with it. I am hoping it will fit him by the time winter arrives. He is currently 2 weeks old and 6lb 13oz.
Pattern #7 from Ottobre 6/2007. size 62.
The fleece came from Dot'n'Stripes a while ago.
The jersey is from Sewfabrics on Ebay.

On another note our kids started back to school yesterday. Today they went on the bus for the first time..I found it difficult to hand over control to someone else! So I followed the bus into school!!...Of course...what else did you expect me to do!!
Needless to say they were perfectly fine..We have had a couple of tragic bus accidents in Ireland in recent years involving school buses, and thankfully they have now improved the standards on the buses. Both accidents were close enough to was from a school my friend is a teacher in and the other the next town to where I went to school. I tried not to think of these accidents as I waved them off to school, hopefully tomorrow morning will be easier.

The photo pretty much sums up yesterday morning....everyone doing a different's hard to get back into a routine.


Cindy said...

It's hard to let them go even when you *think* you are ready. We still have one more week to go before school starts and while I'm looking forward to them going off (the fighting amongst siblings these last few weeks has been horrible), it still won't be easy next week to let go.

Nicole said...

I love the jacket and I'm sure the mum will too.
Leoni started school two weeks ago and one day she said, now that she's in P2, she could go to school on her own! But I think that will be another year before I will let her. It's only a 10 min walk, but across a busy road and I quite enjoy walking up to school with her :-)

Kitschy Coo said...

I love that picture of your kids, the exchange of glances between the bookends is great! Plus that your son is taking it so seriously :)

Oh, and the jacket is ace... very impressive stripe matching!

Millie said...

Beachgirl...I know what you mean. The squabbling here was awful near the end of the holidays. The house has been very quiet the last couple of days. I have been getting a bit done though!

Thanks Nicole...Tadhg is the same age as Leoni, as you know...I'd be like you, waiting another year...I think they're too easily distracted still. Of course Maeve is very good at looking after Tadhg too...which helps. forget how small babies are...the jacket is teeny!
I have no idea what the bookends were up to, but I have recently taken their passport photos in this the middle little one is doing what she did for the passport photos...looking anywhere but at the camera! Poor T is finding it difficult to know what to do in photos at the moment!
He is sticking to serious for now!

Heather said...

That is a great picture of your kiddos! The jacket is beautiful and I'm sure Mom and Baby will love it!

Joy said...

I see my kids aren't the only ones squabbling at the end of summer! I like the jacket idea - 1 item instead of an outfit. It certainly makes a complete gift. But is it quicker than 2 easy items?

Millie said...

Thanks Heather! I had planned the photo differently...but they had other ideas!

I know Joy...It seems to be a universal thing! I suppose I have the girl gift sorted..the Cilla pinafore is it...I am trying to find a fail-safe gift for a boy that is not something that they'll have 20 of sleep-suits or dungarees. This particular outfit needed to be quite masculine...(don't ask)...nothing vaguely feminine! This is what I was down to from my stash.

Kathryn said...

Love the jacket. I usually do trousers and t-shirt but I may have to dig that pattern out for the next baby boy. Your children are so cute!

Millie said...

Thanks Kathryn. I found this jacket great...4 pattern pieces. It is not meant to be reversible but I couldn't see any reason why not. I'll be using it again, for sure.


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