Saturday, July 31, 2010

Can you handle another candle..?

That was the on the front of one of my birthday cards...sometimes I wonder! (However I could handle a new bag, some fabric and some new patterns!) It was my birthday on Sunday the 25th of July. I was 34.

I have had a really nice handbag for a couple of years now...I got it after the girls were born. I love it but it's getting shook...(local for wrecked/worn out!) so I suggested to my darling husband that another one could be bought on sale in a local shop...I also mentioned it to a few other family members and they suggested giving me money towards it...for my birthday..imagine that! So this is what I choice.

It's an Orla Kiely was my last one. I am not usually swayed too much by designer names...but this is my third Orla bag and both my sisters are probably on their third ones too....I think it'd be fair to say we love them! The ones we have (can afford) are laminated cotton and wipe clean. She also does beautiful leather ones. And bed-linen and wallpaper, all of which I love!

On Sunday afternoon we went to town, where my local fabric shop was having it's annual remnant sale...How nice of them to have it on my birthday...(yes a Sunday), when I have a childminder (their father!)
So I treated myself to a few pieces of fabric. Mainly cottons, all lovely.

My sister also sent a lovely Boden top...another brand I can be swayed by!

I also ordered a couple of sort-of Birthday presents for myself from Colette patterns...a Beignet skirt and a Lady Grey coat.

I have the Beignet made...but I am finding it difficult to figure how to wear it...It has a high waist and most people seem to wear them with tops tucked in...which makes me look worse than usual!... so when I figure what to do....I'll get some photos of me in it! In the mean time...what do you think of the colours...the fabric is wool, so it'll be for winter. I am wondering if olive green buttons might be better...(all 12 of them)...although I love the colours together...I wonder if they'll be limiting?

To top off my husband cooked dinner, sort of...he organised it, but he had to go milk the cows Sunday evening, so I cooked it and we all ate it together when he got back...that was good enough for me!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Monika @ Our Homemade Home said...

Oh I love Orla Kiely! She has wonderful patterns and sadly expensive.
Happy After(:) Birthday!!! All Your days should be like a birthday day:)
I love Orla name too, in Irish means: golden girl, but I'm sure You know it:)

stashavalanche said...

Happy Birthday, Millie!
Difficult to say about the button colours, they look good so far, but I think it will be difficult to make a final judgement to you show us the whole thing.

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Millie!
I love the colour combination with the blue/petrol buttons, if you have a similar colour to wear with the skirt. The olive green ones probably make it easier to combine with other colours.
Oh, and I LOVE your new handbag!

Millie said...

Thanks Monika...I know what you mean about the price..but I would gladly save my pennies for one of these...they last a loooong time and take a lot of abuse!
The name Orla is very pretty...I had forgotten the meaning!

Thanks Ana...I will get modeled photos soon....I'll have to pretend it's winter and wear boots and a jacket though! Mind you, it's not far from the truth!

Nicole...Thank you...I'm loving my bag! I have one light weight jacket to wear with the skirt and several tops...but it's hard to find the right thing...I'd like it to be versatile(sp?). I do love the colours, but it's no good if I don't wear it!

Joy said...

Happy Birthday! (Ha! You're older than me ... about 2 months ... and wiser too, I'm sure.)

I kind of like the color of the buttons. Maybe a white or cream shaped (but not tucked in) blouse with a print including the button color could work.

Millie said...

Thanks Joy..I'm not so sure about the wiser bit!
I will try and get the photos soon...I will try a couple of combinations...hopefully.

Heather said...

Happy Birthday last week!! My mother's is the same day!

What a lovely bag! I hadn't heard of the brand before.

Can't wait to see your skirt. Mine is one of my most favorite garments in my closet. I wore it the other day with a tank top tucked in and a cropped cardigan over top. I thought that looked pretty cute! Covered my boobs a bit better too! ;-)

As for the colors, I really like them together! It could limit what you can wear with it. I'd hate to change out 12 buttons though! Ugh!

Millie said...

Happy Birthday to your mother too Heather!
Orla Kiely is an Irish designer working from London.
I'm glad you still like your skirt. I find mine very comfy. I have only worn it around the house though, while trying it on.
I don't mind changing the buttons...making the button-holes is my pet hate!

Gill said...

Hi Millie, belated happy birthday. I love your bag and am astounded at how much sewing you get done with having four children to look after. I have no advice on fitting clothes as everything I sew for my self just looks wrong, so frustrating! Anyway thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, your Aunt sounds adorable. I'm glad you had someone when the rest of your family lived so far away. I didn't appreciate my family while I was growing up, but I treasure them more every day.

Millie said...

Thanks Gillybean..I sew when I can, usually when kids are sleeping and my house and garden are terribly neglected!
Sewing for oneself is very frustrating, I agree!
My Aunt was an extremely lovely lady. I think we're all the same about our families btw! Thanks for writing such a lovely post on your blog!

Unknown said...

Hi-- I only recently found your blog but I'm inspired by your sewing projects! I bought a few Colette patterns last week and I see that you've made two of them (Beignet and Parfait). I hope mine turn out as good as yours! I also plan on making the Lady Grey, as well... Thanks for the inspiration---

Millie said...

Thank you Berlin...I'm delighted you stopped by! I think Colette patterns are so lovely, although I still need to do a few of adjustments...I will watch out for your creations in the future.


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