Monday, August 2, 2010

Beignet buttons...and can anyone recommend a book?

I think the Beignet buttons will be changed.. I feel they're too summery, and Olive green ones would make the skirt more wearable in winter...I still haven't found the right ones though. I also need to find a nice brown or green skinny belt and I think I'm going to move the belt loops up. They fall well below my waist...not that I have one anymore!

Otherwise I like the skirt, and I love the wool that I used.
Sorry it's a bit crumpled, but I brought it to my Mother's this morning for her opinion (she doesn't like the buttons.... never did!).

Anyone got any advice on a good, simple book to help me with fitting issues. I have never had any tuition and am self taught when it comes to garment making. I feel like I don't see things properly when it comes to fitting. Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated.
I have had books from the library that have bored me to tears!


Heather said...

I've always liked this one:
It's pretty easy to follow along with!

stashavalanche said...

Can't help with books, I'm still looking for a decent one myself. Love those buttons though - I think they make your skirt look like something from Boden!

Anonymous said...

I like the same book that was mentioned above. I am very new to fitting, but it has been helpful.
I love how your skirt turned out. That wool is such a pretty color. I also like the buttons.

Millie said...

Thanks Heather...I've heard good things about this one from another blogger.

Ana...that's about as good as compliments can get! Thank you

Thanks Anonymous...It sounds like it's a good book. I love the colour of the skirt too. I'm glad you like the buttons...maybe they might stay after all!

Kitschy Coo said...

Another vote for Fit for Real People, it's amazing. Honestly. I've learned more from it than any other sewing book.

The skirt looks lovely, I'm so impressed that you did all those buttonholes! I think the buttons you used are fine, but if you don't like them maybe some self-covered ones from the skirt fabric?

Joy said...

The skirt turned out really well. I'm sure it'll be fine with ANY buttons, he he!

After I read your post, I blogged about an online fitting resource I found a while ago. I've been meaning to post about it, but you gave me the impetus to actually do it.

Millie said...

Thanks Amanda..The book is going on my wishlist.
I do like the buttons, so maybe they might stay after all. If I find the right ones I may change them, sometime. As for the machine co-operated the evening I did them! Sometimes it doesn't!

Joy...thanks for all that info. I have only had a quick glance so far, but it looks like it'd a great help. I'll get back to it soon.
Thanks for the nice comment about the skirt too!


Millie, you are not a beginner, I mean what I saw here so far is amazing (bras, dresses, skirts, trousers, swimwear, ...) you would definitely be able to understand the danish sewing book...

The skirt looks perfect!

For the buttons, I know what you mean, the look great but for me also a bit too turquoise, but looking at the detail it seems to match to the woolen fabric, is there a bit of the same colour in it? What about a more greenish colour? And I would try to cover them, too in case you should decide to change them because of the button holes....

Millie said...

Thanks for the encouragement Nina! You say the kindest things. I suppose some of my issues are body-image ones and some are fitting ones!
Fitting kids is so much easier...make it big enough and they'll fit into it sometime!
I think the bottons will stay for now, and if I find a more olive green set, I'll replace them. Or as my friend said...just get new shoes!


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