Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ruttunen Trousers

Yesterday I traced a pattern for some trousers for Tadhg from the latest Ottobre. He had his heart set on the Ruttenen trousers, which are jean-style. Pockets and a fly-zipper..... I decided it was time to face demons....
I traced the pattern while he was in school put didn't dare cut them out, because a final decision hadn't been made on fabric. He had his eye on something totally unsuitable, of course. So when he got home I had a little chat about how the tougher fabric would suit a 'tough' boy like him, etc, etc..
So yesterday evening I set about cutting them out and sewing them up. I was only thinking how well they were going.. when things started to go pear-shaped. At one stage I had sewn the zipper completely closed. Not a good idea. So.... time to go to bed!
Today I got back to them. They were not difficult to do, they just have lots of steps to follow. I'm really happy with how they turned out. I used a Kaffe Fasset cotton as the facing fabric. I also put two button holes in the facing in case I needed to put in some bottonhole elastic....I did, because as usual I would rather make something on the big side than make it too small. I'm never sure whether or not this is a good idea.

The fabric that Ottobre used was a distressed corduroy, all wrinkled... a bit like mine really. This was a shop soiled remnant that I bought in my local fabric shop a while ago. I joked with the owner about how I get my children to rub chocolate into certain bolts, so that I can buy it reduced in the future...I don't really, but it is a thought! The wrinkles are purely from my lack of ironing it thoroughly after I washed the chocolate marks out of it. Oh well, might as well start as I mean to go on!

The button is from my button jar, Tadhg is suitably impressed by it. I'm not surprised!

I didn't put on the fancy red stitching, the instructions were a bit vague for this and I was happy enough not to. Also I don't have any rivets for jeans, but if I get some I can add them later.

On Sunday evening I ordered a new pattern, Onion 20022, as recommended by Astrid. She has made lots of beautiful things from this pattern and I thought it would be worth a try. Raglan sleeved tops suit my little girls really well, the Kukkopilli blouses I made almost a year ago are still going strong but a pull-over style would be easier. Hopefully I will still get some things made for Maeve from it too, she wears a size 128cm and the pattern is from 92cm to 128cm.....We'll see.


Nicole said...

No wonder Tadhg like them, they look really nice. Well done!


Wow, they look great!

I just ordered the spring issue of Ottobre, thank you for the inspiration. Let's see wheter I'll be able to sew the tunic as well - I'm not that experienced with difficult patterns.

Millie said...

Nicole, thank you. It's great that he still likes what I make him. He has quite an individual style, so I try and let him help to choose fabric and patterns.

Nina, thanks. I'm sure you'll be fine. I'm only sewing clothes a year and am more or less self-taught. I find it easiest to start sewing and then the instuctions make sense. I find looking at them before I start can be very confusing!

Joy said...

Very nicely done! I was glad to get over the first-pair-of-zip-fly-pants hurdle a while ago. But I'm sure I need to make many more pairs before zip-flys are second nature.

Millie said...

Thanks Joy. I had done one zip-fly for myself, but i thought if I could get away with elastic waists for kids it'd be better, but it limits what patterns I can use....I don't like to be limited!

Kathryn said...

The new Ottobre is just great for boys, isn't it? I've picked out loads and if i could get loads of time to go with them, I'd be a happy sewer. You've made a fabulous job of these - really beautifully made.

Millie said...

Les Petit Anglais- Thanks, we'll see how professional they are after wear and washing! I really like the new Ottobre, lots of things for my kids, it doesn't always work out like that.


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