Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Year

I thought I'd start the new year with a look back at 2009. I started sewing clothes for my children and myself in early spring, having only made curtains and cushions before that.

Firstly, I made myself a jersey Vogue top which is still in regular use, so I suppose it can't have been too bad! After that I made my twin girls co-ordinating dresses (in the photo). They were only worn a couple of times, mainly because we don't go too many places that require dresses to be worn.

After that my friend Siena loaned me some of her Otttbre magazines, all in Dutch, but undeterred I made several things, and its been non-stop since then. I've taught myself lots of sewing techniques, mainly just by reading instructions properly! I've also become a bit better with my computer, so here I am blogging for the first time. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading lots of sewing blogs and thought it about time to get busy writing myself.

I'm currently working on a couple of projects after a lull in my creativity. One is an apron for my niece who will be 12 in a few weeks and the other is school uniform trousers for my daughter. Her old ones are too short and when I took them out they also have a hole in the knee! Time for new ones.
These are the pyjamas I made the kids for christmas eve. Lots of work! I wouldn't make four sets together again.

If anyone has any suggestions about how I can add to or improve my blog, I would love to hear them. I best go do some sewing now!

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