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Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Birthday T!

Our little man turned 7 yesterday....

Me and My Boy

How on earth did that happen....?

Happy Birthday!

He got a new bike....

New Bike!

And a cake all to himself.....We did help him with it of course!

Birthday Cake

The strawberries are the very first of the season from my mother's garden.

He is such a wonderful boy, and we love him dearly! Happy Birthday T!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Negroni Shirt and a Birthday

Sunday was C's birthday and I made him the Negroni Shirt as part of Peter's sew-along. It was such a fun sew-along to take part in, as I have mentioned before Peter is a tonic!

I made the short-sleeved version, I felt a bit of a cheat, but C has enough long-sleeved shirts (plus it was easier!....see, I am a cheat!)

It was a really interesting garment to make. All the seams are flat-felled, a new thing for me. The yoke is doubled, and the method of putting that together makes no sense when you first look at it, but when you have the shirt to stage, it makes total sense.

I used Pamela Erny's tutorial to make the facing without any bulk. Another new skill learned....and it is a really nice finish.

The fabric is apparently ex Paul Smith, it is a tiny gingham check, it looks almost beige from a distance (which I don't like) but I think overall it is really nice fabric. It is very heavy for a shirting, and takes loads of steam to get creases out.

The only thing that I am not happy with is the bottom button, it is too low....I spent so much time working out the distance down from the top button, that I never considered how high/low the bottom button should be. I tend to panic when I get to the button and button-hole stage.

When I was trying to take his photo, he stood against the wall and was stock still....I told him to he started messing, as usual. So just as I'd try and take a photo, he'd jump about! This is what most of the photos looked like....

I also made a chocolate cake, his choice.

We also had roast leg of lamb with all the trimmings for dinner, his mother and sister joined us.

I wondered quite often during the preparations for his birthday, how much we would have done for his birthday, had it not been for four over-excited kids.
The kids really expected him to be as excited as they were, and while he had a really great day, it is hard to get excited about birthdays after about 21!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snowed in...

Well not technically, but the school has been closed for a week now, since last Tuesday. We have been advised against unnecessary journeys, so I have only been out to the local pharmacy yesterday for provisions. Sunday we went out in the Land Rover to town (20 mins drive) and got lunch and some Christmas gifts that I wanted to have in storage, I really didn't want to find on the 23rd of Dec that the shops were all sold out.
While in Argos, buying toys, it became apparent that their plastic bags would hide none of the gifts they held, so while I debated about buying another 3 plastic bags at 22c each, to hide my things, a lady came up and placed a black sack on the counter and said that I was to have it. I could have hugged her, a bit of good will goes a long way. I thanked her three times! I will pass on the gesture one day time I get out maybe....
In the meantime, I have been baking most days to feed hungry children, who are either playing in the snow, or suffering from cabin-fever!

I made two of these in one day, using this recipe which I originally found through Nina

The other one was eaten warm, and this one was iced after this. The original recipe was for individual mini rolls.....they are delicious.

Some friends of ours had a baby boy a while ago and I made him this quilt....

The top photo is of a mini quilt I made for Christmas, for hanging on the wall. The tree part of the pattern came from here. I have, for quite a while, followed the blog of the lady who designed it and she makes the most wonderful things.

So I suppose being snowed in isn't too bad.....except that I am my own best customer when it comes to baking, so I have probably gained several pounds!

Colm is managing on the farm, with some difficulty. The milking machine, which is used to milk the cows morning and evening, has to be drained to within an inch of it's life, not a drop can be left in it...and it is a big system with loads of pipe-work. If water freezes in it, it will not work, full stop. All the water has to be kept defrosted as best as possible...almost all our animals are indoors, and as usual, also have to be fed. Traveling to the yard which is about 5 minutes drive on the road, is made easier by the fact that we recently bought an oldish Land Rover, which is a bit of an animal in bad conditions. So at least he can get up the two slopes on the journey.
Everything is just more difficult for him in this weather, and yet he goes around in only two sweaters over a two t-shirts (short sleeved t-shirts). Oh yes and blue latex gloves, seriously, like the ones doctors wear! If he has to weld he wears a cowl to protect his face under the shield...he got incredibly bad chilblains last year, on his nose after welding in the snow. I had to dress them twice a day.
My Mother tells me that after living in New York State for the first 21 years of her life, and then moving to Ireland in 1965, that she got chilblains, and had no idea what they seems to be the damp cold that causes them. She still suffers from them, on her feet. My best friend gets them on her thighs...nasty things!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Boy

Our boy turned 6, last Saturday. Instead of the usual family invitation for cake and coffee, he had two friends over to play. We had cake with them instead. The cake is from Nigella Lawson's book Feast. The mothers stayed while the boys played and Colm took a few hours off and joined us. We had a lovely afternoon, sitting outside, while the boys played with Lego and generally acted like boys! ie...shouted, tumbled, ran around and jumped off things!

His name is Tadhg and for those of you not familiar with the Irish language, it is pronounced Tye-g, and has apparently no true English version, but Timothy is the closest.

He was rather a large baby when he was born at 10lb 4oz (4.72kg, apparently)...

He has had problems with nightmares for the last few years and frequently came into our room in the middle of the night, until a couple of weeks ago. He also slept with a sheet/comfort blanket every night. A while before his birthday he told me he was ready to kick both habits! (Apparently the nightmares have lessened) And I am very proud to say he succeeded with both....

As he went to bed on his Birthday....We had a lot of this....

To get a photo like this..... sans spectacles
He is an incredibly curious boy and likes to know how things work. (unavoidable, I'm afraid, it's in his breeding)...he is brave and kind and we love him dearly.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hospitals, Owie Dolls and a Birthday Party

Well, life has been pretty busy here recently...hospitals seem to feature a lot in the lives our extended family at the moment! Thankfully everyone is ok now, but we've had a few hairy moments...
My Husbands brother and his wife have four children too, and their 3rd child ended up in hospital with a drain in her chest to take fluid off...scary stuff...she's only 3 and a half...poor mite. My SIL stayed in hospital the whole time the little one was in, which ended up being 3 weeks..she didn't get to see her other children that whole time. It was a worrying time for everyone.
To help keep her entertained, I bought the "Owie Doll" pattern from Lier. It is such a clever doll and perfect for my niece's age group...

The pattern includes loads of instructions for accessories...too many for me to make, I did make lots, but certainly not them all!

The instructions call for a fabric that I wouldn't even know where to look for around here, so I chopped up a hand-me-down micro fleece jumper of Maeves...ssshh...she doesn't know! It worked quite well, the velcro stuck to it quite well. I don't think mine is the most photogenic doll, but she's really cuddly...(a bit like me)
My mother went into hospital for a fairly routine epidural to relieve pain from her curved spine and had an "episode" (for want of a better word) and had to have CPR! The team doing the procedure got more than they bargained for with her! They kept her in overnight and thankfully there's no stopping her now!

We had a little family get together on sunday for the girl's birthday....

The photo above was taken about 30 minutes before the guests arrived...

the calm before.... 8 kids under 8...but I was just glad they were all here safe and well...

And of course we had cake..well...cakes, actually...there were two cakes back to back.

Saturday is Tadhg's another cake is being planned....I think Nigella (Lawson) might win out this time...

We are also back on track for our camping trip to Creiff in Scotland in a few weeks. I had become overwhelmed with stuff here and had changed my mind about going, but have since realised that a break away would be the best thing for everyone. I am in the process of buying a new tent...our Lidl one has had it's day!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

He has caught up...again.

Yesterday was my husband's birthday and being nine months younger than me, he has caught up with me for a little while.
We baked him a chocolate cake and filled it with raspberry cream. I topped it with cream swirls and raspberries (out of the freezer, originally from our garden). The end product is not very masculine, but I didn't hear any complaints!

I used a piping kit that I inherited from my Aunt Maggie. It works brilliantly, except for the time I squirted cream up my sleeve....The children found this hilarious!

I made bunting a while ago and it made it's debut appearance yesterday.

For his gift, I ordered a print from Dee Beale. I bought it from her etsy shop. I got it framed locally, I had wanted to get it done in a white frame but sadly they didn't have the right one.

Colm's mother came over for dinner in the evening, and of course the cake died a quick death...only a bit left for coffee today....

So slightly belated, Happy Birthday Colm x x x

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Two New Tops

On Saturday I got some fabric for a top that I've been planning for a while. I had seen the fabric in my local shop some time ago, and finally gave in to temptation. It is cotton, but it is so fine! I was quite nervous working with it.

I had made a top before with Butterick 5328 and was very happy with it. I made a few small adjustments to the fit, but very minor. Also, this time I made it with 3/4 length sleeves.
I also made another top with a remnant of cotton jersey that I got a while ago, I'm not so happy with this one, I think it makes me look very 'Matronly'!
Any toughts!? It is Vogue V8390. But I probably made it a size too big, again!

I also made these, they might help with fitting into the bigger top, if I keep eating as many as I did today!

I read about them on this lovely blog and the recipe and the recipe is from this equally lovely blog. They're very good, just right for an after school snack. I really enjoyed the process of making them too. Not my usual one-step tray-bake!


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