Sunday, May 26, 2013

5 Today!

These two little girlies are 5 years old today...I am not quite sure how it happened...only the other day they were tiny babies...

They are the reason I started sewing clothes. (and not just boring curtains!)

And somehow they have become little girls, and in a few months time, they are due to start school, and I need to go shopping for school unifoms soon (or start making them!) does this all happen?

Yesterday one of their prescious teddies need some surgery to repair a hole beside his nose.... the two girls assisted me during the operation. I was not allowed to put a needle near him until the anesthetic had worked!


Cindy said...

Happy Birthday sweet girls! 5!

Angela said...

I hope they have a really great day :-) but oh my goodness, school already?!
I used the Tea Party dress from O+S for a school uniform and was impressed with it & it has lasted 2 years so far.

Sadhbh @ Where Wishes Come From said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girls! It all goes so quickly! It's unreal! Hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday :)

Joy said...

Happy Birthday! It's been fun "watching" them grow up, wearing adorable hand-mades (:

justmejay said...

Happy birthday! So bittersweet, huh? xx

Millie said...

Thanks Cindy! I know, I find it hard to believe!

We've had awonderful day, thank you Angela!
The girls in our school can wear trousers, and knowing mine they will!

It passes way too quickly Sadhbh!

Thank you Joy! I too enjoy watching yours growing up! I can remember your little one as a tiny baby!

Thanks Justine...ever so bittersweet!

runciblespoon said...

Happy birthdays, girls! And I hope teddy is making a good recovery.

Medr1e said...

Darling girls! Happy birthday.

Millie said...

Thank you Catherine...Teddy is doing just fine!

Thanks Medrie..we are now counting down the days to the next are you, I'm sure!


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