Monday, October 15, 2012

The Great Goodship Dress

A little while ago, I found myself (yet again) on the blog of Karen LePage, which is called OneGirlCircus...Karen is one of those people whose sewing I have been inspired by, ever since I started sewing for my kids, over 4 years ago now. Karen sewed Ottobre patterns, and quite often it was for her son. She made the most fantastic shirts, jeans and jackets, that encouarged me to sew for my boy, and not to forget the little details that you only get the chance to add in as you sew...something you don't get to choose with shop bought anyway, I found myself on Karen's blog one day, and I notice a place where you could register as a pattern tester. I was extremely surprised to get an email a little while later asking me to test her new pattern, The Goodship dress...I have never pattern tested before, and to be honest, I am not very good at making things that I "have to" make, and seeing as we are in the middle of house renovtions...(I know, again!)..but I said I'd give it a go. I am so glad I did!

I wanted to use something stiffish, so I chose some purple-y coloured cotton, and I had some gingham that was a good match, but the gingham was very floaty, so I added a layer of white cotton underneath the gingham on the front panel, and treated them as one.

 Goodship Front

The pattern is a PDF, and it is really well done. Each size has a different coloured line, and there are only 3 pattern pieces on it. You also cut a couple of other rectangular pieces by measurement.
So, I went about sewing it up, and taking notes as I went along. Anywhere I scratched my head, I wrote a note! I found the whole experience of testing very interesting. The dress comes together beautifully...Karen has an amazing knack for designing a garment, that just sort of appears before your eyes, like magic, as you sew up the last seam!

It also has pockets!
Goodship Dress

I made a size 5, for my girls, who are 4. but that size fits them longish now, and will just be a bit shorter as they grow would look good either way. The width of this dress is easily adjustable, with the bow.

The pockets are a big hit!
 Goodship Dress

It is great to sew, with only a few pieces, but the results are excellent. In my opinion!
We have a very exciting family wedding coming up soon, and this dress is a front-runner for the dress I will make for the twins to wear. I am thinking of blue chambray, and red chambray, with matching red/blue floral Liberty for the inside of the pleat. This dress would be equally lovely in summer fabrics, as in winter corduroy, or wool, worn over a top/blouse.

This pattern is being released today, October 15th, on One Girl Circus.


Cindy said...

The dress is lovely, Millie! I love the idea of chambray with liberty for dresses to wear to the wedding.:)

justmejay said...

I love it too Millie - and I also love the sound of the chambray/liberty versions - can't wait to see them

velosews said...

I love this dress. It's so cheery and clever.

Sadhbh @ Where Wishes Come From said...

Lovely dress, modeled by a lovely girl! (getting so big!!)

Mise said...

I adore that dress, and would be thrilled to wear a larger version of it myself, with white boots, for a sixties look. The model looks very doubtful...

Millie said...

Thanks Cindy! I like to plan at least!

Thank you Justine...hopefully the will become a reality before long!

Thanks Velosewer...I am really pleased with how it turned out.

Thanks is actually modeled by both girls, not that you could tell! You know how it is...I could choose only one!

Thank Mise...she was just pleased to have finally got both hands in the pockets...the pockets are almost invisible! I love the white boots plan! I can just see it now!

Millie said...

Sorry Sadhbh...I meant to say..."How could I choose just one!"!!

brittney said...

Love the girls and the dress! Such a pretty shade of purple.

Angela said...

I love the dress, and reading about your pattern-testing experience!
Amazing how important pockets become! My daughter moved from pockets to bags - yours' might too!

motherof5 said...

Gorgeous pattern Millie and great review.

Millie said...

Thank you Brittney! I love the colour of this fabric too.

Thanks Angela...I somehow doubt that, but you never know! My eldest is almost at that stage though!

Thanks so much Nicole!

Anonymous said...

Question on how you sewed the dress ---
For the insert, the instructions states for each side to meet in the middle to form the pleat but I notice on all the dresses that there is a gap. Also what holds the pleat together as nothing is said about sewing it. Does the tab or bow do this?
Confusing instructions.

Millie said...

Anonymous...I suppose there may be a gap when it is on the hanger, but once it is on the child, there shouldn't be.
Yes, the pleat is just open, until you tie up the bow, and then it closes and tightens or loosens according to how tight you tie it.
It is a box-pleat, so it should meet in the middle perfectly.


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