Thursday, May 31, 2012

Figgy's Zephyr

I remamber when I was about 10, really wanting a "Jumpsuit", you know, an a one piece trouser and top thingy. I don't know where I got the idea, maybe my friends had them, or maybe I saw them in the shops, but anyway, my mother bought me one for a school trip. We weren't very well off, but the school trip was always an excuse for a new outfit, a bit like Christmas or Easter.
The jumpsuit I got was turquoise, and I remember we stopped at a nearby castle enroute to the main attraction we were going to on the trip, and I slipped and got a huge grass-stain on my jumpsuit! I remember being pretty annoyed about this....funny the things you remember!

So a little while ago, Maeve started asking me for a "Playsuit"... where this idea came from, I have no idea, but sometmes a mother just has to go with these notions! I had been hoping for an excuse to buy some of Figgy's new patterns....(I have been trying not to buy any patterns or fabric while we are working on the farmhouse), so I bought the Banyan and the Zephyr...but since they only go up to 8-9yrs, and Maeve is a slightly shapely, tall 9, almost 10 year old, I had to alter the pattern.
I added an inch to the centre front and back bodice pieces. I added an inch to the bottom of the bodice, and an inch to the bottom of the shorts.
Maeve had reservations about the opening at the front, so we agreed to make the straps opening instead, so she could pull it up and on. I used the pattern piece for shorts tie bands to make the straps. I made them knit and woven, like the ties.

Zephyr Back

When it came to making the waistband, I sewed the top and bottom together as per the instructions, but I made a circle of elastic, the size I needed, and I zig-zagged it to the seam allowance, and then turned it over, and zig-zagged it down to the bodice...(you now how I love to zig-zag!) I could see myself having problems making the knit kept creeping ahead of me, and puckering when I sewed it. It didn't happen with the woven to stabilize it, but the waistband is knit to knit..

Zephryr Playsuit

The other change I made, was a real after thought! When I got to the band at the bottom, I attached them the wrong way, and ended up with the contrast on the outside, but I liked it, so I left it! But when It came to tying the ties, they didn't seem to sit well on I pinned them down, and then got the idea to leave them like that. I decided to put buttons on too....well why not! I love them like this. As it happened, Maeve spent the whole time fiddling with the hem, so they surely would have untied a lot!

Button tabs

She wore it on a trip to the zoo the other day, and she looked so pretty and comfortable in it!


Kitschy Coo said...

That's really lovely! Love the colours together.

Mise said...

It's beautiful: such pretty colours and a dashingly feminine design.

justmejay said...

It looks great on her, Millie

I think 'playsuits' must be the in thing - Rosie's been desperate for one for ages - don't know where she picked it up from either :-)

katherine h said...

You have made some pretty cute details on this playsuit. I especially love the buttons on the bottom bands.

Jne4sl said...

It's really beautiful and looks great on her. I've had my eye on this style for a while, too. I definitely liked them as a kid but haven't actually gotten the request from my daughter. I think all the modifications you've made a great, especially the bottom band of the shorts. I always like ties and blousing in pattern photos but find them impractical and not as flattering in action. Love the fabrics, too.

sarah said...

I love this Millie. Thanks for noting all of your modifications. I really want to make this for my girls and for Grace I'd need to make some modifications as well.

Cindy said...

It's wonderful, Millie! I too love the fabric/colors that you sued and the mods are perfect!

Camille said...

Love this! This and the Scrirocco dress are next on my list.

motherof5 said...

I love your version Millie and heavenly colours!

Millie said...

Thanks Amanda..the pink is quite coral-y, so it was easier to steer away from trying to match pinks. This is one of the fabrics I have had forever, that my poor mother hauled home from the US for me!

Thanks Mise..I was worried that she would be a bit old for it, but she looks good in most things!

Thank you Justine...I think Rosie would look lovely in the Zephyr. Go for it!

Thanks Katherine h...The buttons were kind of a fluke, but I love how the sit flat against her legs. Nice and tidy, especially with the already floppy shoulder ties.

Thank you Jne4sl...Your daughter would look lovely in a playsuit too. They do seem very comfortable, although I had my doubts! I think the fact that it is made with knits makes it extra comfy.

Thanks Sarah...Maeve is 56 inches tall, if it's any use to know. Grace is another girl who would look lovely in this style!

Thanks Cindy...everything is from my was scary and good to use the MW knit!

Thank you Camille...the Scirroco is so lovely too, but sadly no takers for it in this house!

Thank you so much Nicole! Colm has a shirt in almost the same colours, I love them together!

Older and more bossy sister! said...

As always really great sewing. Coincidentally I gave E a play suit a few days ago for our holiday, oh what a joke, it hasn't exactly been play suit weather! But hers (cough!) was not handmade! Never mind. I never got bought anything by the way school trip or not, always the indulged younger one!!

Millie said...

Thank you, Sister dear! I think I may have jinxed the weather with this playsuit...It may only get one wear this year! Did E get a Boden playsuit? Maeve was eyeing them up!
Oh...I will have to be more careful what I write! Having said it was "always and excuse for a new outfit", I have to say, I only remember two outfits, the jumpsuit, and another year's black/white polka-dot skirt & jacket. I am guessing I was bought these because I owned nothing else suitable for wearing in public! I hardly had an extensive wardrobe!

Florence Knapp (Flossie Teacakes) said...

It's gorgeous! So good to read about the changes you made for an older child too. I love the red fabric. Thank you so much for leaving me the link to your post. Florence x

Millie said...

Thanks Florence! The fabric is Olver+S Modern Workshop interlock. She really does like it, and feels confident in it, which seems to be very important right now.


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