Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Crafting

I went to a sewing day at the beginning of December and attempted to make some mittens for the children for Christmas...I was not one bit happy with them..I have to remake them if they are ever to use them...I don't know if I want to do that. So, disheartened with all of that I decided not to make anything more for Christmas....famous last words!

In the last week or so I have made this lot..

For the two little girls, for treasures...(click on the photo for the link to the free pattern)

For CDs in Colm's car...
Georgia Leigh Sunvisor CD Holder

For T and his lego, most likely...
Zipper Pouch

For Maeve...she is getting a little something for Christmas that should fit nicely in here...sorry, it's a secret!
Mini Dumpling

My SIL asked me to make her a case for her specs...
Spectacle case

I am not a great knitter, but when Realtin asked me in the local haberdashery, for the umpteenth time, to make her a fireman...well how could I say no....And how could I not make Blathin one too...
Early Christmas Gifts

I also got a gift from my mother the other night, they're an early gift for Christmas..
New Ladies and Gentleman
...aren't they lovely! Thanks Mum!


Thirza said...

Lovely stuff! And that after deciding not to do anything like that ever again!

sarah said...

Everything looks wonderful!

motherof5 said...

Millie is a legend(sings)!

Nicole said...

They all look lovely (even the hens:-)!

Cindy said...

Love all the little pouches/holders! I hope they get lots of use.

Millie said...

Thanks Thirza...sometimes it helps not to put pressure on yourself.

Thank you Sarah!

Nicole (Mother of 5)...Thank you!

Thank you Nicole...The hens are really lovely. Hopefully we'll have eggs in the new year.

Cindy..Thank you...I have no doubt they will be bulging soon!


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