Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I have been stocking up on bits and bobs that I need for making clothes.

Some of my favourites

I hate it when I plan a garment, but cannot start it because I haven't a zip for it, (even a basic one) or worse still, making a garment and not being able to finish it because I don't have any buttons.
So I went on a bit of a bender, buying buttons and zips.

Bag 1

Bag 2

Bag 3

Each bag was 450 grammes, and although I could see some of what was in the bags, more of them were a surprise.....I liked them so much, that I went back for more.....

Bag 4

Bag 5

Bag 6

I also bought some zips from the same ebay seller, and another seller too.

My creation

I am hoping to stock up on threads too. I usually use Coats Moon thread. It comes on 1000m spools and can be bought quite reasonably on Ebay (where else!). I just need to decide on colours. Anyone any secrets about useful colours that you always have in your stash? I need to get black, white, beige, red, navy, brown and grey.

I have also finally bought myself some pinking shears. I am waiting patiently for them to arrive!
Needless to say, I won't be buying any fabric this month, nor next!


motherof5 said...

Fabulous Millie!
I use ivory thread,it matches better then white on florals and ginghams.
Your a girl after my own heart!

Cindy said...

That's a great button/zipper stash you have going on. It'll be nice to not have to run out and buy them when you're started on a project.

Kitschy Coo said...

Great stash! I have the envy :)

Thread wise, I can't do without a lime green (matches most green and some yellows), orange (matches most orange, some reds, some brown, even some pinks!) and turquoise (matches blues and greens).

Nicole said...

Lovely stash you've got there :-) I can't do without pink, orange and turqoise thread...

Mise said...

How wonderful! The buttons are so intrinsically lovely, especially as you have arranged them there, orderly but not too orderly. It'll take you quite a while to get through half of them, although, knowing your clothes-making abilities, not as long as I imagine, I'm sure.

Millie said...

Thanks Nicole...I must look out for some ivory.... I picked up some cream from a clearance basket in a shop a while ago, but it is very cream. Thanks for the advice.

Thank you Cindy...if I am buying fabric for a specific project, I will quite often pick up the zips or buttons to match, but if I am making something from fabric in my stash, I usually end up having to go out and buy notions especially. They are so expensive locally!

Thanks Amanda...I love buttons! And thanks for the advice on the threads....Turquoise is the only one of those that I use regularly...I will pick the others up and try them.

Thanks Nicole...I was only thinking of you today, as I looked through my threads...I still have some purple from you, which I used to make the twins coats two winters ago! Aparently I don't sew many purple things! Mind you I don't use much pink either!

Thank you Mise....I spent ages sorting through them with Tadhg, and later with all 4 kids. We had a lovely time choosing our favourites, comparing one to the other. I think these will be, as much for looking at, as for sewing with!

Ana said...

Hi Millie,
That looks like a great stash! Where did you get the zips from? I need to go on a bit of a zip bender myself and it seems that if I need anything vaguely out of the ordinary, I have to go into the middle of Dublin for them.

Millie said...

Thanks Ana...I got the zips from two different sellers. The mixed batches (and the buttons) are from http://myworld.ebay.ie/charitytone/?_trksid=p4340.l2559
and the heavy beige/brown/navy ones are from http://myworld.ebay.ie/lindyloux2/?_trksid=p4340.l2559 but they are really, really heavy! Nearly too heavy for most projects.
I just put job lot or assorted or various zips into the search a bar on ebay and it comes up with lots. As always though the postage is a killer.

Millie said...

Sorry Ana, the links didn't work. The ebay sellers are charitytone and lindyloux.

Ana said...

Thanks Millie, just having a look now. Weird but the links worked for me...

Angela said...

Millie, that's a great hoard, and I love your 'bender' description. I should invest in some basics like these too, but I tend to buy them locally, and of course they are more expensive.

Ulla V. said...

Wow! What a stash of haberdashery you have bought. But what a brilliant idea. :))

There seems to be so many gorgeous buttons. A treasure indeed. :))

Millie said...

Thanks Angela...when I get something in my head, I can only buy that! My local shop although very good, is a bit of a drive away, and opening hours are a bit random at times!

Thank you Ulla V....I am now planning my ideas around buttons and zips instead of fabric!

keekah said...

So is coats moon a good quality thread? Does it break often. I saw some on Ebay for good prices. I am debated on getting them or Mettler Metrosene.

Millie said...

Keekah...I have never had a problem with it, but it always seems a bit "linty" compared to the Gutermann thread that I have. It hardly ever breaks...if ever. At the prices it sells for it is good value. I have heard really good things anout Mettler thread, but have never used it.


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