Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Two are 3!

On this day three years ago, I gave birth to two little girls....look at them now....not babies anymore...sniff....

R and B

Realtin was born at 7.00pm, "normally"...I daren't say naturally, everything was managed to the last that day...and I could understand. Our pregancy was not without trouble!
Blathin was transverse, (I think she may still be!) and was delivered by C-section 32minutes later, at 7.32pm.
They were born at 36 weeks, weighing 6lb 10oz and 6lb 10oz.

3 years ago
B and R on day one!

When we  were 1
B and R, ready for bed on thier first birthday.

When we were 2
R and B, with Daddy, having a snooze before their 2nd birthday party started.

They bring me delight every day. They are wonderful company....but when they kick off....oh my, can they test your parenting skills. So much so that my Mother congratulates me every year on their birthday, on making it to another birthday!

They love each other very much...

and their teddies too!

They also love having lots of fun....

Daddy's girls

This is them going down a huge inflated slide with C at a cousin's was probably 15ft (4.5m) high. C would sit on the top, grippping the girls, and would have to rock himself to the edge, and then over it!


Cindy said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Realtin and Blathin! And congratulations Millie for making it through another year!:)

Gill said...

Happy Birthday to your gorgeous girls! I love the picture of then asleep on their daddy's lap!

Mise said...

What beautiful girls, and their names are lovely. May they have a wonderful year.

Sadhbh @ Where Wishes Come From said...

Happiest of birthday wishes to your gorgeous girls!
And yes, congratulations to you too. I think birth-days should always be celebrated by the Mamas!

(my goodness! they were good weights weren't they?! and you had to go through normal birth and a section -eek! You have absolutely earned the right to celebrate every year!!)

San @ Made in Hem said...

Happy birthday!!! :) They might behave better from now on, they are no longer in their terrible two's! Although my girl is close to 4 and still throws tantrums when she feels like we're not listening to her... Anyway, I wish you all a wonderful day!!!

Heather said...

Oh my! Happy Birthday to the babes! They've grown so much!

Kitschy Coo said...

They are so, so sweet. Happy birthday to them!

Susanne said...

Yay for you and yay for them, Millie! They're gorgeous. So much fun!

Ellu said...

Happy Birthday to your sweeties! How funny of your mother :-) I've just realized that our youngest ones are more or less the same age, my son will be 3 in July... and I (and apparently both our mothers)know what you mean about 'kicking off' :-))

Angela said...

Happy Birthday to your girls. I love that your mother makes a point of congratulating you too, she's so right.

Medr1e said...

Happy birthday, beautiful Realtin and Blathin! Keep on keeping your mama on her toes!!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday, Little Wonders! And congratulations to you too, Millie:)

I must say, I love that expression "kick off"....boy, do I ever know what that entails!

justmejay said...

Happy Birthday girls - and to the rest of you too!

Love that they both suck their fingers!

Lorraine said...

Happy birthday to your gorgeous girls!

Millie said...

Thanks so much Cindy!

Thanks you Gill...They still love being up on Daddy's lap!

Thanks Mise! They seem well suited to their names!

Thanks Sadhbh....they were good weights, but very skinny, being a bit early. I was just glad when they arrived safely, I didn't care how!

Thank you would be nice if we had fewer tantrums, but they will ease off eventually.

Thanks Heather...I know...time is flying.

Thank you Amanda...they are sweet, really. I need reminding sometimes!

Thanks Susanne...we do have fun!

Thanks Ellu...I don't think my Mother realises that she congratulates me every year, but she does!

Thank you is good of her...she sees them most days...she knows how they are!

Thanks Medrie...I'm quite sure they will!

Thank you Andrea....I'm sure you do know! It comes with the territory!

Thanks Justine...I know, and they suck the same fingers, but on opposite hands.

Thank you very much Lorraine!

Kathryn said...

Gorgeous pics! Beautiful girls. But I have to take issue with you - they are still babies. Just walking, talking ones!

Millie said...

Thanks're right! They are all my babies still, really!

Ana said...

Happy belated birthday to your lovely twins. If I have twins the next time round, I shall definitely be asking you for advice!

Sascha said...

Lovely post. They are sure two gorgeous little girls. I love that they weighed the same at birth! Amazing. And one out the regular route, the other chose a different exit. Why is it that all of our babies are growing up on us?

Millie said...

Thank you Ana....I'd be glad to offer any advice....I'm not sure how much of it would be helpful though...I just muddle through a lot of the time. Just knowing it can be done is enough reassurance sometimes!

Thanks Sascha....I know, they do grow up way too quickly, but at the same time, it's wonderful seeing them develop. The birth was not straight forward, for sure!

sew4my3 said...

I know this is a bit late but Happy Birthday Girls!

To mom, you will survive. LOL My twin daughters are 22 years old and just graduating university. It really seems like they were babies not so long ago. My girls came in to the world at 3pounds 2oz and 3pounds 6oz at just 29 weeks into the pregnancy. They are now both 5'1 and 100lbs, still tiny but healthy and happy young women!

Happy days!

Millie said...

sew4my3...Thank you! The time is flying by...I am trying to enjoy all of the phases, as hard as some of them are!
Your girls were tiny (stil are!) and 29 weeks must have been scary. I'm glad that they have grown into such great young women.


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