Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snowed in...

Well not technically, but the school has been closed for a week now, since last Tuesday. We have been advised against unnecessary journeys, so I have only been out to the local pharmacy yesterday for provisions. Sunday we went out in the Land Rover to town (20 mins drive) and got lunch and some Christmas gifts that I wanted to have in storage, I really didn't want to find on the 23rd of Dec that the shops were all sold out.
While in Argos, buying toys, it became apparent that their plastic bags would hide none of the gifts they held, so while I debated about buying another 3 plastic bags at 22c each, to hide my things, a lady came up and placed a black sack on the counter and said that I was to have it. I could have hugged her, a bit of good will goes a long way. I thanked her three times! I will pass on the gesture one day soon...next time I get out maybe....
In the meantime, I have been baking most days to feed hungry children, who are either playing in the snow, or suffering from cabin-fever!

I made two of these in one day, using this recipe which I originally found through Nina

The other one was eaten warm, and this one was iced after this. The original recipe was for individual mini rolls.....they are delicious.

Some friends of ours had a baby boy a while ago and I made him this quilt....

The top photo is of a mini quilt I made for Christmas, for hanging on the wall. The tree part of the pattern came from here. I have, for quite a while, followed the blog of the lady who designed it and she makes the most wonderful things.

So I suppose being snowed in isn't too bad.....except that I am my own best customer when it comes to baking, so I have probably gained several pounds!

Colm is managing on the farm, with some difficulty. The milking machine, which is used to milk the cows morning and evening, has to be drained to within an inch of it's life, not a drop can be left in it...and it is a big system with loads of pipe-work. If water freezes in it, it will not work, full stop. All the water has to be kept defrosted as best as possible...almost all our animals are indoors, and as usual, also have to be fed. Traveling to the yard which is about 5 minutes drive on the road, is made easier by the fact that we recently bought an oldish Land Rover, which is a bit of an animal in bad conditions. So at least he can get up the two slopes on the journey.
Everything is just more difficult for him in this weather, and yet he goes around in only two sweaters over a two t-shirts (short sleeved t-shirts). Oh yes and blue latex gloves, seriously, like the ones doctors wear! If he has to weld he wears a cowl to protect his face under the shield...he got incredibly bad chilblains last year, on his nose after welding in the snow. I had to dress them twice a day.
My Mother tells me that after living in New York State for the first 21 years of her life, and then moving to Ireland in 1965, that she got chilblains, and had no idea what they were...it seems to be the damp cold that causes them. She still suffers from them, on her feet. My best friend gets them on her thighs...nasty things!


Kitschy Coo said...

Pretty quilts! And those cinnamon rollslook delicious, they're something I always go out of my way to get when we're Stateside :)

Angela said...

I had to laugh at the "best customer" of your own baking- that is so me!
My 4 haven't been in school either. The 10 year old has been organizing Monopoly and Cluedo games which got us through the worst days of cabin fever.
Hopefully the weather will start to improve by Thurs especially for people like your Colm who have to work in it.

San @ Made in Hem said...

I envie you!!!
My children do have to go to school. The roads are made of ice these days and the fog makes you feel high up in the clouds. It's so scary!
I hope for better weather soon!
The quilts look lovely and the baking too. I'm going to try the recipe soon! :)

Medrie said...

The quilts are gorgeous!

Cindy said...

Thanks for the link explaining what chillbains are. I always thought it was just different vernacular for frostbite.
I have to laugh about you being your own best customer. After visiting family 1,000 miles north of us where winters are very cold and snowy, I told dh I could never live there or else come spring time I'd weigh 50 lbs more!

Val said...

That Christmas tree quilt is absolutely beautiful! And the buns do look quite yummy. They remind me of the sort that I always make for Christmas morning breakfast. I fear that I tend to eat more than my fair share of them, as there are two of us and a dozen rolls to go around. Ah....the horror of the winter weight gain!

Sadhbh @ Where Wishes Come From said...

Oh my, you are so talented! LOVE the quilts. They are gorgeous.

SewRuthie said...

I really love the Christmas Tree quilt.

Ana said...

Glad you (and the cows!) are ok. That Xmas tree quilt would make a great cot quilt - I love all the different greens too.

Nicole said...

I love your quilts!! We had the past week off school but thankfully everything is back on again. Still lots of snow here though with more predicted for tomorrow. I've made these buns before too and they are truly delicious!!

Millie said...

Thanks Amanda...the rolls are just too more-ish...I can't help myself!

Thanks Angela....Ours have been colouring like mad, sadly board games are limited here, because the little ones wreck every game, trying to play! Hopefully today will improve weather conditions.

Thank you Sandra...I am hoping for better weather today...the school closed for Health and Safety reasons...too many people in one very slippery place.
The recipe is great, a bit long to make, but not complicated, and well worth it.

Thank you very much Medrie!

You're welcome Beachgirl...Chillblains are nasty things...itchy and sore at the same time!
I cranked up the treadmill last evening in an effort to counteract the effects of baking and being house-bound!

Thank you Val, I am pleased to have made a start on some Christmas decorating...What a great idea to make the rolls for Christmas breakfast.

Go raibh míle maith agat Sadhbh!

Thank you very much RuthieK!

Thanks Ana...I have way lots of greens...too many perhaps?! Naaahhh!!

Thanks Nicole...I am hoping for a thaw today, the sun is out so I'm hoping the temps will rise too. The kids need to get back soon...Here, if the school closes for days like this, they have to make them up at another time. The buns are just wonderful, aren't they!


Ohh, really? School is closed for over a week now? This sounds very snowy...

We had two warm days now but the next days winter should be back with loads of snow - but too much is no good either I think...

I have to make the rolls again as well, want to put them in the fridge for Christmas, so we have some of them whenever we feel like it - I think reheated in the oven they taste exactly like being freshly made!

I hope you will be able to make all the preparations,
take care and all the best,


Lisa Conmara said...

Hi Millie, thanks for stopping by my blog - good to "meet" you! I'm thinking of starting a quilt (a yo-yo style) after christmas so i may be looking for tips! Hope thats okay - Lisa

Millie said...

Oh Nina, it' wasn't that snowy...we are not prepared for any snow here, so everything grinds to a halt.
I might make some of the rolls for Christmas too, that's a good idea. I would make individual ones next time though.
You shamed me into doing some preparations, by the way!

Great to meet you too Lisa...Your photos are fantastic!...I'd be delighted to help you in any way I can with your quilt, not that I know a whole lot! I just wing it most of the time!

Andrea said...

What a time you're having! I have nothing but admiration for all farmers who push through bouts of bad weather. At home, where I grew up, our Christmas Eve services would be earlier so that the farmers could get home to tend to their cattle and sheep...hard, hard work.

The snow has started up again here too. We'll be snowed in for the next two or three days, I imagine. What a winter!

kim said...

Beautiful quilt.......it was certainly worth you being snowed in, hope the weather's a little better now.
Lovely blog, florrie x

Millie said...

Thanks for your kind words Andrea...It is not an easy time for farmers. I hope you and the family are getting used to your new arrival. It can snow away, now that he is here safely!

Thank you very much Florrie...Sometimes it is no harm to stop running and racing...The heavy snow is set to come back soon, but so far nothing too bad.


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