Wednesday, November 17, 2010

9 Years On...and Still Having a Laugh!

Today is our 9th wedding anniversary. It doesn't feel anything like that long!

I am married to probably the least romantic man in the world...We had a joke going between us for a long time, when anyone asked if Colm was romantic, I would turn to him and ask how often he had given me flowers and he would reply..."Twice"...I would ask how he could be so sure and he would say..."Because we have two children!"...The answer is still twice, I have not had flowers since Tadhg was born...nor a box of chocolates, nor jewellery, and certainly not any fancy underwear..(probably why I took up making my own!)

However....I did marry a man who makes me laugh daily...

Laughing nine years ago....

A couple of weeks ago....still laughing...

Not only does he make me laugh...
He treats me as his equal.
He helps me with the children as soon as he walks in the door.
He is generous.
He never argues.
He is extra kind when I am hormonal!
He makes me tea (or coffee depending on the time of day)
He tells me I look lovely when I get dressed up..(Hardly ever, but not his fault!)
He always backs me up when it comes to raising the children.
He tells me he loves me.
He kisses me goodnight every night.
He always kisses me goodbye. (even if someone sees him)
He is a great father.
He supports me no matter what.
And lots more besides...

He also wears things I make him and tells me they are great..

...that is truely romantic in my eyes...

I love you Darling...Happy Anniversary.

PS...the boxers are self draughted, copied from some of his own...definitely worth making, if only for the laugh you'll have when getting him to try them on for fitting purposes..this is best done before you add the elastic....for maximum laughter!


Mise said...

You both look ever so happy, then and now, and the laughs are much better than the chocolates.

Mind you, Colm, if you're reading this, I think she deserves a beautiful big bunch of flowers.

Sadhbh @ Where Wishes Come From said...

Happy Anniversary! Congratulations to you both. Not romantic?? Wearing homemade underpants is as romantic as it gets!

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

A very romantic post.
A lucky man to have a wife who appreciates him so, congratulations!

Kitschy Coo said...

Happy anniversary! What a sweet post, never underestimate the binding power of laughter :)

Cindy said...

Happy Anniversary!

Val said...

Congratulations! I don't know that I would ever be a good enough wife to make my husband underwear - kudos to you!

ana said...


Millie said...

Thanks Mise, he did read it, mortified of course...but maybe later he'll surprise me with flowers...or not!?

Thanks Sadhbh, he really is very romantic a covert kind of way!

Ali...thank you. He is really a great guy. I don't appreciate him properly day-to-day, so it's nice to put it in writing here.

Amanda...Thanks and you are indeed correct about laughter. It certainly helped to bind us at times.

Thanks Cindy!

Thanks Val!..I'm really not such a good wife...a good wife would surely do laundry, instead of just making more clothes?!

Thanks Ana!

NiamhG said...

Congratulations. Gorgeous post. Gorgeous undies. Have a great day and a lovely, chat filled dinner.

Medr1e said...

Congratulations on your anniversary, and keep laughing!! Lovely post.

Nicole said...

And congratulations on your anniversary from me too. Being able to laugh together is much better then all the chocolates and flowers in the world!

Millie said...

Thanks Niamh...I'm afraid dinner was normal, with the kids, (no chatting!) We might attempt a meal on our own at the weekend.
The day was normal too, but the kids told both their teachers' that it was our anniversary, and they even told their bus-driver! The undies are a winner, so he says!

Thanks Scribe...we will!

You're right Nicole and thank you......(BTW...I was only thinking of you, Leoni and Alan today)

Ellu said...

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! It's in writing down things that sometimes you start seeing them as they really are - very romantic and a husband to wish for!

Hihi, I like your putting sewing before the laundry ;-)

Joy said...

Happy Anniversary!

Flowers are easy; it's in the day in and day out where the real character shows.

Ulla V. said...

Happy anniversary, Millie, to you and your husband. :))

I see why you don't care about flowers and fancy chocolates, when you have such a sweet and caring husband. :))

Millie said...

Ellu...I always put sewing before laundry!...He really is a good husband, and sort of romantic in his own quiet way. Thanks for the kind comment.

Thanks Joy...I agree, it is in the everyday things that he is truely a gentleman.

Ulla V...thank you...he is a great husband, I am glad I met him when I did, we've never looked back since.

Louise de Pour Toujours... said...

Joyeux anniversaire!

Your list reminded of all the things my boyfriend of 25 years still do for me.

Angela said...

That's a lovely, lovely tribute to your husband. Congratulations.

Millie said...

Thanks Louise...25 years is a long time! I hope my man is still as good to me in 16 years time!

Thank you Angela! It's the least he deserves for putting up with me!


What a sweet post, Millie! Congratulations to your start of the 10th year of being married to your wonderful humourous husband.

I have been blog lazy last months, so it seems, but here's a lot going on, making the garden ready for winter, sweing for Christmas (doll clothes for the tall girls doll), knitting, decorating the house, reading stories, baking cookies, wrapping 48 gifts for two advent calenders, buying 48 gifts for advent calender.

you see? Come here, here you have no chance to not thinking about Christmas...


Millie said...

Thanks Nina....Nice to hear you have been doing nice things...I will wait as long as I can before I think about Christmas!!!
Kind of....!


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