Friday, October 22, 2010

Muffin Tunics and Wedding Head-dress Advice

I made these for the girls a while ago

They are Muffin Tunics (Ottobre 1/2008) without the bottom piece and they have no openings at the back and slightly different cuffs. So not possibly no longer Muffin Tunics?!
They are a lovely fit and seem easy to wear.
I promise the stripes are straight in reality! Wouldn't you wonder how the one on the ground is the one with the helmet on, instead of the one on the trike?

You wouldn't think to look at them that they refuse to sleep in their beds at bed-time, now that they've moved out of their cots...or that they get up at 5.30am every morning!!!WTF! Moving swiftly along...grrrr!

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes for my mother. She is now safely over her operation and is recovering at a friend's house until after the weekend. We have a wedding to go to tomorrow, so she'll have somone to look after her there...I think my MIL will have enough to look after with 4 kids!

On the subject of the wedding...What do you think of this? Would you laugh at me if you met me wearing it at a wedding? I mean the head-piece btw...obviously if you met me wearing a grey fleece to a wedding, I wouldn't blame you for laughing!
I got my hair chopped yesterday...I should get it done more often....

It is from a tutorial over at No Big Dill. It's not that I think it's laughable, in fact I think all the things Katy makes are brilliant...It's just that this was originally made for a child for a hair-band (I made it on grips/clips)...Would I as an adult, wearing a hand-made dress and a hand-made coat (possibly) look like an episode of Blue Peter? It's the Grey Parfait in case you're me, it looks better in reality than in photos!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone...M x

PS... both tunic fabrics are form Sewfabrics on ebay, the floral is ex Boden. Ribbing is from Dots'n'Stripes.


stashavalanche said...

Hi Millie.
Whilst I'd only wear something like this with my hair up (but I have longer hair than you), I think in general it looks good. Although I must say I'm not sure about the wedding-y-ness of the colour - but that would depend on your dress and coat combo. And I'm also wondering if it could do with a bit of glamming up with a few wispy feathers or tiny beads.
Hope that helps!

Cindy said...

Love the tops, the mods explain why I couldn't figure out which pattern it was!lol I like your version better.:)

I'm sorry about the twins waking early and hope that maybe after the novelty of sleeping in big girl beds wear off that they'll start sleeping in a little later.

I say go for it with the headband!

Millie said...

Thanks Ana...I wear my hair up all the time! I get it cut this short occasionally and wear it down for a bit! I don't have any feathers, and I was hoping for something a bit simpler! My dress is also grey, this is the lining fabric of it. The coat, if I need one will be the Turquoise Lady Grey. I will be wearing an sheer ivory cardi either way. I might look for some beads tonight...something tells me I may have some grey ones. Thanks for the advice...I appreciate it.

Beachgirl...Sadly the beds are not the cause of the early mornings...the late nights, yes! The mornings have been going on for ages now...It will pass...sometime...thanks for the kind words though.
As for the head-piece...knowing me, I'll be in such a rush that I'll forget it anyway!!! I will try not to!

Ria said...

Millie, I like the hairpiece very much and I sure think it will give your outfit that extra touch. But I don't know how comfortable you would be wearing it.
Also like your haircut.
Have a nice day,

Millie said...

Oh thank you Ria! I will see when I put the whole outfit together whether I like it for sure. It is in fact very comfortable to wear, all it is, is a piece of wool felt and some rouched lining. I'll try and photograph the whole ensemble!

Angela said...

Glad to hear your Mum is recovering. I like your headband a lot, it looks like a very complicated piece to make and will add a finishing touch to your outfit. Instead of "homemade" and "Blue Peter", I'd go with "exclusive" and "couture" :)

Millie said...

Thanks was very simple to make. I didn't use a glue gun, and stitched the ruffles onto the felt instead.
I will keep your alternative descriptions in mind today!

Astrid said...

Hi Millie - I can tell that my girls are not the only ones growing up - your beautiful girls are getting so big as well! :) As for the hair decoration - I actually think it looks really pretty on you - can't wait to hear if you went ahead and wore it! ;)

Millie said...

Oh Astrid, they are getting big...they also have very big personalities!
I am trying to get ready early and have enough time to take a few photos. It is strange not to have to dress 4 kids too!
Thanks for the vote of confidence on the head piece!

Mise said...

I'm with Ana, the hairpiece is beautiful but I'd be inclined to wear it with hair up for balance. The girls are beautiful and charming in their muffin tunics. The fabrics are perfect - girlish but zingy. You're a wonder to find time to make these lovely things, Millie!

Val said...

Wear it! I think women always look sharper with something on their heads. I think it looks great with hair up or down. In fact, I'm very tempted to make one myself....

Millie said...

Thanks Mise..I wore it to the wedding...I wore my hair pulled back to one side, behind it, sort of. The tunics are a good fit and I plan to make more sometime. My sewing really is my sanity, so I make time!

Thanks Val..I wore it and enjoyed wearing it...I felt well turned out! Thanks for the kind comment, and you should definitly make one!

Andrea said...

It's quite lovely! I'm glad you wore it:)

Millie said...

Thanks Andrea, so am I!


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