Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Colette Parfait

I managed to nab my poor husband before supper and got him to take the modeled shots of my new Colette Parfait Dress. Why I'm standing like a pregnant woman is a mystery! Also I have what is known around these parts as a Farmers tan!

This was a prctice run for a dress I want to make. I had heard a lot of people say that their first Parfait could have been better. I never make muslins...but maybe I'll change that...but then I seldom make anything for myself.

I got the fabric from Julia at Sewfabrics It is lovely lawn cotton. The pattern came via eBay too from Tracy.

I love the fit of this dress. It covers a multitude things...tummy mainly!

The bodice is lined with white cotton, because the main cotton is so sheer. The skirt really should be lined too.

My main fault in making this dress was misunderstanding the way the midriff section would sit..I thought it would sit flatter and I used a fabric that is too stiff and it puckers, next time round I'll use a similar weight of fabric to the main fabric...if not the same fabric.

I sewed the buttons on, they don't open. I don't need them too. There is a zip in the side which allows you to get in and out easliy. The buttons came from my local fabric shop..in other words they could be at least 20 years old and smell of moth-balls! I love them though. She had only 3 large buttons, and some matching smaller ones.

I didn't put the pockets on..they're made, but I'm not quite sure if I will leave this as a dress...I'm thinking of making it tunic length...would I be mad...? I never wear summer dresses...4 kids (two of them 2yr olds) never make wearing skirts or dresses a lady-like experience! It never gets hot enough here anyway!
The other Parfait dress would be for evening wear.

This is the fabric I plan to make the next one out of..all I need to find is some time now!

This fabric is from Nicole at Dots'nStripes
The pattern is from Tracy the Material Girl


Joy said...

It's probably not a dress that would work for my figure, but it looks fabulous on you! I really like the fabric.

I never wear skirts or dresses for the same reason. Practicality wins the day, I guess.

amy said...

It's lovely. It really does look wonderful on you :)

Cee said...

Gorgeous Millie!! I am very much a dress and skirts girl and find winter hard when I need to wear pants to cover my legs for warmth. This is a lovely dress which suits you well as I think it would many women. Perhaps I'll give it a try one day although I have my eye on a simple skirt for our spring and summer after bub has come.

It'd look lovely as a tunic as well I'm sure.


onix said...

es un vestido precioso

Mise said...

It's a lovely bodice and would be equally nice as a tunic. And your next fabric is perfectly elegant.

Heather said...

Very pretty! I love the fabric!

Astrid said...

What a beautiful dress, Millie - and I think you look wonderfully summery and happy. Love the farmers tan! :)

Millie said...

Thanks Joy...Practicality definitly wins every time, in my world anyway!

Thanks Amy..great to see your blog back.

Thank you Cee..this dress does suit lots of shapes and it can be made from wool or denim for colder weather. It is apparently quite suitable for nursing too as you can open the top buttons.
Funny..I wear skirts with tights way more in winter!

Thanks Onix!

Thanks Mise...I am looking forward to using the grey fabric. (I'm also a bit afraid!)

Heather...thank you..I'm hoping to make a Lady Grey before winter.

Astrid...thank you..I was freezing in the photo...it was windy and cold and I was bare foot! The farmers tan is hard to avoid in my job!

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

How clever are you?
It's lovely and your fabric choices are beautiful!
I love those spots and I'm sure your next one will be even better!
p.s I have a farmers tan without being a farmer!!

Angela said...

I grew up with a farmers tan! - and still seem to get it - despite not living on a farm any more!
That's a great version of the Parfait dress and the grey is a lovely choice of fabric - I can't wait to see it made up.

Millie said...

Thanks Ali.. Farmers tans are very easy to get 'round these parts...the all over tans are harder got!

SewMentalMama...Thank you.I am looking forward to the grey one. I am planning it in my head. My legs are soooo white, I had to crop them out of the photo!

Andrea said...

Pretty! It looks lovely on you (and I have the most remarkable farmer's tan, too, so not to worry:))

Millie said...

Thanks Andrea..it would seem farmers tans are more popular than I'd thought!

Ulla V. said...

Oh, it's so beautiful that dress. And it suits you perfectly, Millie. You look so sweet. :))

I really think that you picked some fantastic fabric for it too. Wauw, it's lovely...

I have had my eyes on that Colette pattern as well. Showed it to Anne-Sophie before she went to Thailand. Maybe we can have a closer look at it when she returns
from her holiday...in only 7 days!! (It won't be long as you said, and I'm looking so much forward to it). :))
I will show her you in your elegant dress.

The other dotty fabric you chose will be great for the pattern, I think. I'm crazy about grey these days...that color is always elegant.

Have a nice day tomorrow. :))

Sandra bxlsprout said...

Hello Millie,
Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm so glad you left so I can now read yours! Great stuff here, very talented. Plus, you have good fabric sources in Europe (as apposed to US which is what I mostly run into), which I've been trying hard to find. Great work!

Millie said...

Thanks Ulla V..I really like lots of Colette patterns.
Anne-Sophie will be here before you know it!
I love grey at the moment too...so elegant, as you say...I hope anyway!
Have a lovely weekend.

Hi Sandra...You're welcome, I'm delighted you called by here, and thank you....I'm glad you found some information on fabric sites...there are lots...they can be tricky to find though.

Cee said...

Millie, I have given you an award I found awarded to me this morning. I hope you might enjoy receiving it, otherwise feel free just to enjoy it:)


God bless today

Tracy Davis said...

Both versions of the Parfait look wonderful. I know you have as much success with the Chantilly!

Millie said...

Thanks Tracy...I am looking forward to the Chantilly arriving.

Jen said...

I really like the way this turned out - especially with the contrast midriff, though I do think the second one fits you a tad better from what I can see in the photos. The style is very flattering on you, though. You've been quite busy, lately!

How did you find the bust fit on the parfait dress? I just finished the Chantilly dress and was so pleased that I didn't need to do the full bust adjustment that I would have had to do with almost every other pattern. I have to take it in a bit at the sides, though, as it seems to gap a bit and this makes the shoulder portion of the yoke slide down my shoulder. You should know, too, that because of the way this dress is made (Chantilly) you can't really try it on until after you have the lining sewn in and the yoke sewn on, which makes tweaking the fit during the sewing process a bit difficult. I'm lucky that I only have to take it in at the sides.

Millie said...

Thanks Jen..in fact the grey one is miles better, but photographs terribly! Or maybe it's me, or the colour!
As for the fit..I found it gapped lots at the armpits, even when I made the 2nd one a bit smaller.

Believe it or not I have just made a Chantilly...not quite finished..I still have the skirt lining to make.
I made a smaller size than either Parfait, I think a 10 bodice and skirt and 12 midriff. However I left the length for an 18. I found the fit under the arms better on me, than the Parfait.
What I do is make the whole bodice (main and lining) and fit it before I sew on the skirt. (I even tacked in a zipper) I actually shortened the straps and sloped them inwards, because they kept cocking up towards my neck. I also unpicked all the topstitching on the yoke, it didn't lie fat with it. I hand finished all the stiching on the neck after I adjusted it.
I also found the bottom of the midriff finished too low and I shortened it, by about an inch! Big decision, but it looks better on me, I'd be constantly pulling it down otherwise, too.
I will blog about it soon. I'd love to see yours...I really like the Chantilly, I think it's very party-ish!


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