Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jail Bird Bra

I made this bra a while ago, but like most things I make for myself, I can't wait to get it on and see if it fits...and then it has to be worn for a day to see how comfortable it is, and then it gets washed, and then the washing gets forgotten and I have no clean bras and I have to wear it straight off the washing line, and so on, and I forget to photograph it!

I have been in discussion with Amanda from Kitschy Coo about various things including bigger busts and how to accommodate them. Our chat gave the kick in the arse I needed to get the bra from the drawer and photograph it...I'm kind of on top of the laundry situation right now....I even found the elusive black bra I "lost" a while ago. It was the very first one I made. (It was under a pile of other clothes, in case you thought anything else when I said I'd lost it!)

I suppose one of the reasons I also didn't photograph it is because I am a little disappointed with it...The fabric is just ordinary clothing jersey and really it stretches a bit too much on the top part of the cup (the bottom is re-enforced) That'll teach me to experiment.

Also I managed to cut a tiny hole in it while I was trimming the seam allowance of the centre seam...I'm sure there are people who pay good money to have a bra with holes in the centre front, it wasn't the look I was going for IYKWIM!

It of course matches these knickers I made a while back.

I have now remembered several other things I've made and not photographed! I'm off to seek out some of them.

Edited to add...the fabric was a piece I bought on Ebay form Sewfabrics. All the other things needed to make these came from Elingeria, including the patterns.


Kitschy Coo said...

It looks amazing, I'm so impressed! Did you get everything you needed for the shop you linked to before? I love the stripes and when / if I make myself a bra I totally want a Jailbird one!

KID, MD said...

Very cute!! I love the stripes. It is so hard to find fun bras in full figured sizes. Add that to my list of reasons I should be sewing my own!

Millie said...

Thanks Amanda. I have added a link at the end of the post, but yes apart from the fabric, everything else was from Elingeria....the elastics, the interfacing, the wires, the casing for the wires and the pattern and anything else I've forgotten.
Let me know if I can help, or point you in the direction of tutorials.

Millie said...

Thanks KID MD, my RTW bras are either black or white and not too pretty! I haven't ventured far from those colours in making them yet, but the kits I have seen are in the most beautiful colours...I must order one!
Value for money is another great reason...The RTW ones are so expensive to buy.. but a kit for 1 bra and 2 pants costs about $24. If you buy an extra notion kit for $8.50 you can get 2 bras.
However it is a very addictive hobby....I have lots of bits and bobs in my lingerie making stash!

Nicole said...

I love it, it looks very professional!

Millie said...

Thanks wouldn't stand up to very close inspection....but thankfully not many people get to inspect it closely!!

Heather said...

Well, I so glad you found that black bra! The stripey bra is really cute even if it's not quite right, fitwise.

Millie said...

I'm very glad I found it too Heather! You know how long I've been missing it!
The stripey one actually fits quite well, it is just lacking in support. Thanks for your ongoing encouragement.

Jen said...

I've been toying with the idea of making my own bras as well, since I can never find one in a cup size large enough in the shops. And buying online without being able to try on is so hit-and-miss. I really like this, and if it's as reasonable price-wise as you say it is, I may have to branch out into lingerie sewing!

Millie said...

Well Jen...I would say that finding the correct size and a pattern that suits is the tricky part...the sewing part is fiddley, but not difficult at all. I only use straight stitch and zig-zag. The problem as I said to Kitcshy Coo is that you don't know until the final stitch if it fits or not. Once you get a fit that's're laughing!


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