Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Bit of Hand Sewing

I have been working on some hand sewing recently...I hand pieced this ball as a gift for a friend's baby girl. I got the pattern from this book, by Anna Maria Horner I love it..I used lots of bits of fabric from my stash, and whichever way you turn it you get to see a different combination of fabrics.

I also started another project a while ago, something for myself this time.. It is from Natalie Chanin's Alabama Stitch book. It will be a Bloomers Skirt. I made one of these before and I wore it lots over the winter. I decided to make another....

I love hand sorts my head out a bit, when it's all a-muddle. We have a lot on our minds here...we are possibly going to take on a new project that will involve a lot of work and not another baby! I can't say much more, but when I can I will...for now I'll just keep stitching. I can't seem to find the concentration to do "real sewing", with a sewing machine.
I am also busy painting the upstairs hall and landing, which is very satisfying...I love painting, believe it or not. However it is not always easy to find time to paint with the kids around, not in good light anyway.
Happy Thursday to you all...not long until the weekend now!


Heather said...

What a beautiful gift! I'm in awe of all th work that went into it too! I do like handstitching. It's meditative. I hope all works out fine for you all! whatever it is! ;-)

Winter Tree said...

OMG, it's fab..the ball - I had that AMH book on my wishlist on amazon for ages, can't recall why I didn't get it in the end - might revisit it again. Best of luck with clearing your head and making your decisions re the project.

Millie said...

Thanks Heather...for all of that..I enjoyed making the ball..very much.

Winter Tree...thanks for the kind words...The book is good, a few lovely bags and aprons and other stuff, and lots of good information.... Anna Maria has a new book out, specifically about baby stuff..just what you needed to hear! More for your wishlist!

Joy said...

I agree...handstitching is good for the soul.

The ball is amazing and I can't wait to see the skirt - I like the subdued colors.

Nicole said...

What a lovely gift: the ball is fantastic, I really like all the different fabrics you used, they go so well together.

Millie said...

It is good for the soul Joy. Thanks, everyone here loves the ball, too much, I will have to steal it away to give the new baby her gift!

Thanks Nicole...They are all bits of quilting cottons that I've been collecting for a while now, but seldom use, so it's nice to use lots of bits all at once.

Sascha said...

What a great way to use all those leftover bits and pieces.


Handsweing, you are a patient sewer but I agree with you, it can be a kind of meditation to free the mind from spinning around.

Good luck to the new project and have a great weekend!

P.S. my Word Verification is "babies" ha ha

Millie said...

Mom of Three..thanks... I love projects that use lots of little pieces, like you say, it's a chance to use up bits and pieces of left-overs.

Ha ha Nina!
Thanks, I always did hand sewing, mainly cross-stitch, so I suppose I go back to what I find easiest. Have a lovely weekend too.

Dina said...

wow!! I'm always impressed by your projects. I am so tempted to have these books by Anna Maria. Well done. Wish you a lovely weekend :)

Millie said...

Thank you Dina...The book is very nice...lots of good projects in it.
Have a lovely weekend too.

Angela said...

Millie, your handsewing is so incredibly neat - I always think it is the real sewing:) There was a similar pattern for a ball in the April Burda magazing - but i saw no mention of handsewing!!

Good luck with your new project, I hope it works out for you.

Millie said...

Thanks SewMentalMama...I agree about the "real" sewing! Indeed AnnaMaria's pattern was for machine piecing, but I wasn't in the mood for arguing with my machine over this!
Thanks for the good wishes on the project, sorting it is a slow process....

Cee said...

Hi Millie, your ball is just lovely, what beautiful scraps. I am sure the recipient will have loved it so!

I agree with you regarding stitching by hand, it does help sort out your head. All the best with your decision making. It sounds very important.

I also have a photo challenge for you on my blog.


Kristine said...

I'm so much in love with your skirt.
Lot's of compliments!

Millie said...

Thanks Cee...She still hasn't been given the ball! The decision is an important one...thanks...still a bit to go with it all yet.

Kristine...Thank you very much...The panels are almost finished and then to sew it all together. I am really enjoying making it.


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