Saturday, April 10, 2010

What a Week and Sneak Peek.

Here is what I worked on yesterday...

It will be my entry for Spring Top Week. For those of you who weren't involved last year, the worthy winner of last year's competition was Astrid with this beautiful top. Astrid has been such an inspiration to me, always willing to help, whenever I have asked her. Her's was the very first blog I read! This year she is one of the judges of Spring Top Week.

As promised..a photo of the finished bra...

Very sorry for the lack of modeled shots (not!) The world is not ready!

We've had quite a week here, well, over a week now...Our Maeve has been really sick, She probably hasn't been so a doctor due to sickness since she was three...she'll be eight this summer. We went to the doctor twice and the hospital once, in three days. It appears that she had some virus, which caused vomiting for two days, along with aches and pains, fevers and terrible stomach cramps for a further four days. The second dr who saw her, who was our own GP, (not the on-call Doctor, who saw her first) was concerned that the stomach pain might be her appendix! So off we went to A&E in our local hospital where we sat for 3 hours. When we were eventually seen, the pain in Maeve's tummy had gone away!

She was to go back to school Monday, after Easter break, but didn't go back until yesterday. She wasn't 100% this morning, so she's back home with me for the day. Hopefully she'll be back on track by Monday...but this has really knocked the stuffing out of her. She is really tall and slim at the best of times, and a result of all this she has lost weight..her appetite does seem to be coming back though, which is a relief. She has got so thin over such a short while.

Anyhow, the weather is beautiful here at the moment, despite there being a cloud of volcanic ash somewhere up above hopefully we'll get out to the garden for some of the afternoon.

Have a happy weekend..and take out for nasty viruses!


Heather said...

Oh! I hope your daughter feels well soon. When my son was very sick he got really skinny too and it scared me to death!

I can't wait to see your top! Thanks for the link to Astrid's blog. I don't think I've read it before!

Cindy said...

I can't wait to see your top too!

My K went through the same thing...a nasty gastro bug and lost several pounds that she really didn't need to lose. Be forewarned that it takes a good week to get back to full strength. K would come home from school exhausted and fall asleep hours before her usual bed time. Hope no one else catches it!

Nicole said...

I'm sorry to hear Maeve had such a bad week and hopefully she'll be a 100% again very soon. I'm looking forward to seeing your new top. And yes, the weather here is great today too, blue sky despite the ash!?

Millie said...

Heather..Thanks, I hope you won't be dissappointed by the top! Astrid's blog has been a great source of inspiration to me.
Thats the problem with our kids being sick...we worry so much about them!

Beachgirl..I do hope no-one else gets it. It has been more than a week since she first got fingers crossed that no-one else will. K sounds just like Maeve, she lay on the couch all evening yesterday after school. She's quite well now, just not able for much, you say it will just take time.

Nicole..Thanks for your good wishes. I am hoping to get Colm to take a photo of me later on in the top. That's one of the things the organisers asked for, that you to be photographed in the top.
I hope the weather holds up and I'll get him to take the photo in the garden!

Sascha said...

I am AMAZED by your bra! That sure sounds funny doesn't it?

Hope the little one is better soon :(

Millie said...

Thanks Mom of Three..I am pleased you are amazed!
Thanks for thinking of Maeve, her recovery seems to be a slow process.


Oh dear! Hope she is doing better now?! Her appetite will come back, that's for sure, once she's feeling good again.

Nothing worse than the kids being sick - lots of worries, crazy nights, a lack of sleep, ...

Take care of yourself,


Millie said...

Thanks Nina..She is still up and down, but more up, than down now! I think she overdid it in the sunshine today and fell fast asleep on the couch before dinner.
Hopefully tomorrow we can take it easier.


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