Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring Top ...Ottobre 5 2/07

Spring Top ...Ottobre 5 2/07, originally uploaded by bred2make.

My entry for Spring Top Week over at
I made this using the bodice of Ottobre pattern #5 and the sleeves of pattern #2 from Ottobre 2/2007.
Not the simplest of things to put together, the neck piece is woven cotton and the rest is jersey from SewFabrics. Stripe was probably not the best choice either, because I had to line everything up constantly.... But I love is so comfortable.
I think I will use this pattern again.
Do you like my pensive look?...I was trying not to look at the camera, whilst trying to minimise my double chin! There was a cow behind me too, who kept trying to sneak into the photo!


Winter Tree said...

love the top, and your pensive look is very becoming :) Gorgeous coloured fabric, love the stripes. wish I was that good at sewing!

Cindy said...

The top looks great and I think the colors are very pretty on you!

Millie said...

Thanks Winter Tree...I work hard on that look! I have to say I love these colours...even my wedding dress was about the colour of the v-neck piece!

Thanks very much Beach Girl...very nice of you to say so!

Julia (sewfabrics) said...

Millie, I love it! Mmm you may have inspired me to try that pattern, I think a little of that fabric will sneak out of my shop and onto my sewing machine. It's really flattering and the neckline really makes it. Great sewing!

Joy said...

Wow! I love that top - it's so much better than the one in the magazine photo. It tempts me to get that issue.

(I've never had a cow try to get into one of my photos....)

michal said...

I really like this top, and though stripes meant more work, the outcome is great! It is one pretty top!

Millie said...

Julia...Thanks, the fabric is lovely and soft. Lucky you having such stock/stash on hand!

Thanks very much Joy. I didn't like the sleeves in the magazine, but lots of the tops in that issue use interchangable pieces, so that's what I did!
You are missing out not having a cow sneaking into photos!

Michal..thanks so much. I think this top will get lots of use. It is really easy to wear.

Angela said...

This is a great top, and being able to combine a woven and a knit perfectly at the neckline is very impressive sewing.
Hope your daughter is much better. Enjoyed the laugh about the cow and the look and the chin:)

Millie said...

Thanks SewMentalMama...I'm not so sure about the "perfectly" bit. It could always be better, but I eventually had to be content with the fact that a person would have to have their face pretty much in my cleavage to see the faults! So my mother told me anyway!

Heather said...

This is a really great looking top! I love the neckline!

Millie said...

Thanks Heather! I wore it yesterday and was very happy with it.

Andrea @ said...

It looks great and fits so well!

I have a weekly Thursday blog party especially for people to share things they've made to be worn. Stop by if you'd like!


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