Saturday, April 17, 2010

Finally Finished

I started these a while ago and have only just finished them, last night, in bed in fact!

They are my first attempt at socks and I'm really happy with the results.
They are knitted on 3mm double point needles and the yarn is Opal Picture for Bergere de France.(Special sock yarn) Believe it or not, this is how the yarn knits out of the ball. All the stripes and fairisle stuff happens automatically. I knitted the first one quickly, but I lost some concentration on the second one. And yes I know they are different...ehhhhh...I planned it that way!

I really wanted the learn to knit socks and just figured it out as I went along. I used this as the basic pattern, but I didn't do the rib, only plain. I made the men's size, I was glad I did. My feet are biggish, size 41 (European). You can make them as short or long as you like, both the foot and the ankle parts. Youtube is a great source of instructioal videos too. But to be honest I didn't understand how to "turn a heel" until I got to the heel and just did it!

Socks are a great project to have on the go...I kept mine in my handbag and did a little whenever I got a chance. Because to rounds are only short, it's easy to do a bit and put it down, not like a big sweater. I have a new ball of yarn already to start the next pair!



Great socks!

The yearn is great, sin't it? I also knit socks with it BUT also pullovers for the little ones. They look great because of the pattern which is coming out automatically.

It is such an easy pattern, knitting all in one go, starting with the neck and going down in raglan stitches at the sleeves... More details if you want them.

Have a great weekend, Nina

Kathryn said...

Lovely! I knit socks too - they make great presents and were hugely popular in this year's snow. Mine never match! I take the view that if you want matching socks, go to M&S.

Nicole said...

I love the socks and the way they turned out (just by themselves :-). Great colours!

Millie said...

Thanks Nina..of course you are to blame for all of this! I have been thinking about one of the patterns we spoke about a while ago, I'd love to try a tank top for me! Enjoy your weekend too.

Thanks Kathryn...I agree totally!

Nicole...Thanks...It really did happen just like that! I love the colours too.

Heather said...

Oh, I so want to learn to knit socks! I've tried too many times to count but I always get all mixed up! I'll have to check out the youtube tutorials.

Millie said...

I did a practice little sock which I found a huge help, just to get my head around it. This is the link.
I found it a huge help, but I had to be on my own with no distractions...and simply do as they say..don't question why!

Jen said...

I really like these socks - and how cool is it that the pattern happens automatically? I don't knit, though someday I might decide to learn. I should tell my mom about this yarn, as she knits.

Millie said...

Thanks Jen...It is wonderful yarn. Apparently there are lots of this type out there. This one seems to have more contrasting colours than most. Most of them are two tone and the pattern is more subtle.


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