Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Knitting

My new fingerless gloves/wristwarmers are finished. This was my first time to knit on four needles and I really enjoyed it. It was a quick project, which is my favourite type of project!

I have to thank Nina for the advice, encouagement and inspiration.

I used a pattern which was free over at A Friend to Knit With

The yarn is Tivoli 100% wool which I bought to knit a baby's cardigan about 15 years ago! This is the left over wool. I'm not a hoarder or anything!

I am really enjoying the lovely spring weather we're having but it doesn't give me much of a chance to wear my gloves!

I thought I'd share with you what the girls were up to the other day.....

Who knows but they thought it was brilliant fun!

I sent the children off to school today all prepared for the photographer, and they have changed the date! I sent them on Wednesday the 10th of February preened to within an inch of their lives, because I didn't read the note properly...correct day and date..wrong month! I will most likely forget on the day the photographer finally does come!

Have a wonderful Wednesday.....



Nice wrist warmers and a clever idea to make the thumb as well, so they stay in place!

The photo is great, seeing the world from another perspective is something we grown ups might forget from time to time, good the little ones keep reminding us.

I have NEVER been dressed nicely at a photographers date at school, my Mom (and myself when I was older) always forgot about the date.. never mind. Our due date is on WED next week, when he comes to Kindergarden - I better write a reminder...

Millie said...

Thanks Nina.. I love the wrist warmers.
The girls are funny, they love doing things just for fun. Hopefully they'll all do it for a long time to come.
I remember in my last year in primary school, borrowing a top and cardigan from my older sister, they looked lovely in the photo of me but not so good in the group photo, where I am standing, they didn't match my trousers at all! The tops were brown and cream, and the trousers were blue and green plaid!

tippchic said...

Millie- i had to laugh at the preening bit.
I have done the same thing sending my little one shined to an inch of her life and telling her to smile etc- all on the wrong day. We didn't have it in us to wind ourselves up a second time!

Millie said...

Tippchic- I'm glad I'm not the only one! Maeve is most excited about seeing what background they will get this year...will it be the fake library or the blue sky with the forest!? Or something else equally unlikely!

Ravenhill said...

Lovely wristwarmers! Isn't it great having something new to wear? The kids look so silly and like they are having a ball of fun!
♥ Emily

Millie said...

Thank you Emily...They look so basic when I look through your fabulous socks and mittens! You knit such beautiful things, so thanks for the means a lot.
As for the silly kids...Well.. there's always plenty of silliness around here..just how it should be!


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