Tuesday, March 23, 2010

All go!

It's all go here at the moment. We're trying to get organised for our trip to visit with family in England this weekend. I am travelling without my handsome husband and am feeling under pressure as a result. The farm is just too busy right now for him to leave, but it is Easter holidays for the big children. Admittedly my sister-in-law is coming with me and will be a massive help with the children, being a paediatric nurse, she's the ideal travelling companion to bring! But all the preparation is down to me, trying to remember everything and which bag to put it in, etc..

Why I feel pressurised by this, who knows, I ALWAYS pack for EVERY trip and always have, including my husband's things, when he travels with us!

This will be our first big outing without him and I feel a huge weight is on my shoulders....what if the car breaks down....what if...what if....He can mend just about anything and he keeps me calm when things go wrong...and I will miss him... soppy I know, it's only four nights! But I will miss his company and the re-assurance of him being in the passenger seat beside me. I always drive because I get so travel-sick. Anyway it is a journey we need to make, the children are getting older and we like to visit family once a year, so they can see their cousins and I can see my sisters. Usually we go as our main holiday, but this year we're hoping to go for a week of camping somewhere else.

Our ferry leaves Dublin at 8am and we are about an hour and a half away from there, so kids will be lifted from beds at an un-Godly hour and put in car-seats and I will cry as I kiss him good-bye and than be embarrassed when my sister-in-law sees me! I'm teary just writing this!
I hope I still feel like this in twenty years! Sorry for the gushy post...not like me normally...now get a grip woman and do some packing!

I made a couple of new tops for the little ones to wear while we're away, I thought they'd be nice and comfy for travelling, we have about twenty hours of driving over four days.

I used the Kamomilla pattern from Ottobre 01/2010. Size 86cm. The sleeves are a bit baggy, but that's ok, I suppose. I have been practicing with my over-locker and used it to do everything except the top-stitching on the neck binding. The fabric is from Sewfabrics on eBay. The ribbing is from Dots'n'Stripes. Both of these lovely shops have sent large parcels to my sister, for me to collect when I get to her. I save on postage that way, It means the only clothes I can bring for myself, is a change of underwear, but it will be worth it!

No I didn't really mean it.....but not far off it!


Julia (sewfabrics) said...

The tops look great Millie - the binding matches perfectly! Hope they get lots of wear on your holiday.

Heather said...

I'm sorry you have to travel without your husband. I never like doing that either! The tops you made are so sweet. I've made up that pattern a few times and really like it. I made a short sleeve version, too.

Have a safe and fun trip!

Millie said...

Thanks Julia..The binding is a great match, for both fabrics. lucky for me, because I only have a couple of colours.

Heather, thanks for your kind words.. I will be fine, we will be fine. We just get so used to being together as a family, because it's easier, but easier's not always better. I think the tops will be good on the girls, I haven't tried them on yet! They either won't want them on or they will want to wear them straight away, there's no half measures!

Nicole said...

I really like the tops and I'm sure your little girls will love them. Have a nice and save journey!

Millie said...

Thanks Nicole...I am really looking forward to seeing my family.... and the fabric I ordered from you!

michal said...

these tops are so cute! such vibrant colors... I love them!

Millie said...

Thanks very much Michal...I hope my girls feel the same!

A Thrifty Mrs said...

You blog makes me miss home so much. Which area of Ireland are you from?

Millie said...

A Thrifty Mrs..I was reared in North Kildare and moved to Offaly when I married. Now there's a word.."reared".. Where are you originally from?
Your description of how your house is furnished sums up what ours is like...my favourite shop is what my friend calls.."The Dead People's Furniture Shop".
I'm off to Shropshire and Cornwall on Friday...no time for markets, though, too many kids in tow!
Nice to hear from you.


Dear Millie,

I know what you mean and I can see myself in your describtion... In January I flew to my best friend to Cologne, with the kids and without my Mr. I was so excited and anxious, about the flight (just 1 hour though), the kids sleep and all but it went so well. I missed my Mr. and he missed us (he thought he could sleep till midday, have a nap in the afternoon and watch all eposides of Lord of the Rings. But without us he couldn't sleep long, couldn't take a nap "it was too silent" and so he could just relax in front of the TV... so all the things he sometimes misses he cant do either if we are here nor when we are away...).

We have been visting my friend and her Mr. and the three sons again when my Mr. was in NY, because that would have been horrible for me with him being so so far away. So now I'm a big traveller, maybe you'll become as well??

Have fun!

Millie said...

Thanks Nina for saying such kind things, I am all ready to go now, with the alarm clocks set for 5am. Like you say, it is about more than just missing them or coping without them or coping without them. I will be fine...I hope!...I'm sure my Mr will be fine too, even in a quiet house.
I have travelled lots when I was younger, but it's just different now....
Like you, I'd love to be able to do this on my own, that way it frees up the time we can spend on family holidays. We want to go so many places..it's just that time is limited when you're self-employed.
I'm sure we will have lots of fun on this adventure..

Angela said...

Good luck with your journey.
Though I love travelling, it can be stressful with 4. The younger 2 especially get very tired when they are out of their routines. However, getting away and visiting places makes for great memories for the children - so that's what I try to focus on :)
Lucky you - having fabrics waiting on the other side - that was a great idea!

Millie said...

Thanks SewMentalMama..I agree. My sister-in-law and I were talking about people having an interest in places and how travelling is so important. She works in Temple Street and knows people from there who know nowhere outside of the city, in fact she knows more places in Dublin than most of them, too. If you don't leave a place then you have no need to know about anywhere outside it.


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