Monday, March 1, 2010

El Porto Duffle Bag

In the parcel that arrived last week from Nancy was a pattern for the El Porto duffle bag. I had seen the one that Nicole had made for her daughter and had spoken to Maeve about making one for her, thinking I'd buy the pattern. Little did I know the pattern was already winging it's way to me.

I used all sorts of fabric to make the bag. I counted eight in total, All scraps, or from my stash. Maeve helped me to choose. She had the final say on what she wanted where. She is so pleased with the bag. Her year in school is to start swimming lessons soon, and this will be the bag she will bring.

I have to say it holds lots, I know because I had to fill it for the photos! I'd say it would hold everything for an overnight stay, for a child, easily.

It went together really well. I left off the pockets on one side. It already has seven pockets! It was also a great opportunity to use some of the wonderful Farbenmix ribbons I already had and some of the new ones Nancy sent.

I also finished the little quilt I started the other day. I am quite pleased with it. I cut up a woolen blanket to use as batting. It's nice and soft as a result.

On Saturday we were invited my friend, Penny's, place. A few years ago Penny opened a shop that sells quilting cottons and she also runs classes there. This invite was to the new extended 'Just Cotton' shop. Of course while we were there we had to buy something!



What a great creation you have made! Busy Bee!

Cindy said...

The bag looks great!

Millie said...

Thanks Nina and Beachgirl.

Millie said...
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Nicole said...

Millie, the bag looks great and the fabrics Maeve chose go really nice together.

Millie said...

Thanks Nicole. I hope the next few days go well fo you. I'll be watching your blog to see how you get on.

Ravenhill said...

That is one cool duffelbag!!! I love all the pretty colors you have used!

Millie said...

Ravenhill- Thank you very much. That's very kind of you to say.


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