Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Mother

I thought I'd share with you, where some of my interest in making things comes from....My mother..
She is currently retired from farming and now works for herself as a basket maker and a weaver. She is really very talented and produces oceans of work in every year.
She has two websites,.... anyone at all can have one!
(my husband says that a lot, especially about our twins!)

Just some of what she makes. She also spins a lot of wool for rug making.

When she was a young, married woman she was dress-maker, she studied nursing in New York and Nursed in St Lukes before she married. She farmed from the time my father died, until I took over.

So she was led a varied and colourful life so far and although we don't always see eye to eye, she is an inspiration to me, and has passed on the gene that won't let you rest until you create something new!



Yes, your Mom is creative, very sweet! I like the baskets, and the rugs as well!

So I guess it is true, creativity is being passed on from our parents, grandparents. If we see them doing things and having fun I think we will be doing the same...

Dina said...

Wow!! she's very creative.

Nicole said...

She is indeed very talented, the baskets and rugs are lovely!

tippchic said...

Re your own creativity; as they say, you didn't lick it off the ground. She is a very talented lady who obviously has worked hard to learn these skills. I admire her.

Millie said...

Nina...Her rugs and baskets are lovely and I'm lucky enough to have many of them in my house. Speaking of Grandparents...You should see what my Grandfather does! And he's 91!

Dina...Thanks, She really is!

Nicole...Thank you, I am still working on getting a rug of hers, I have lots of baskets! They are lovely.

Tippchic...Thank you, I agree she did work hard to learn all this, but she's like me, she'll try anything to see if she can do it! So maybe... I didn't lick it off the ground!

lightbluegrey said...

what a lovely pic of your mother!

Jac's Mum said...

A lovely tribute to your mum. Sounds like you have a relationship you both value, with honesty, tenacity and creativity keeping you both humming along.

Millie said...

Thanks lightbluegrey!

Jac's Mum...Thank you for you kind and thoughtful comment...you have pretty much summed us up!


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